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Title (English)    Mesehet Bava Kamma
Title (Hebrew)    מסכת בבא קמא
City    Berlin
Publication Date    1727
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [255] ff., 189:123 mm., nice margins, some corners rounded, light age and use staining. A very good copy of a rare tractate bound in contemporary vellum on wood boards, rubbed and torn. Not in most major collections.
   Pocket size edition for easy transport in one's case with the Rashi and Tosofot commentaries. Each leave represents one page of the full size edition. Appended is the Maharsha commentary. The popularity of the tractate has led to the rarity of this edition.

Bava Kamma was originally not a separate tractate, but the first part of a larger tractate, whose name was identical with the name of the order. The title Bava Kamma is the abbreviated form for Bava Kamma de-Massekhet Nezikin ("the first gate (section) of the tractate Nezikin"). Tractate Nezikin ("torts") comprised 30 chapters, covering the entire range of pecuniary law (dinei mamonot). However, according to the Midrash, the size of Nezikin discouraged the student: "What does the fool say? 'Who can study the Torah? Nezikin has 30 chapters; Kelim has 30 chapters!'" (Lev. R. 19:2). For this reason Nezikin was divided into three sections, each consisting of ten chapters. The second and third parts are now called Bava Mezia ("the middle gate") and Bava Batra ("the last gate"). The division seems to have taken place in Babylonia (bava as "gate" is unique to Babylonian Aramaic; see: Ned. 66b), where the size of Nezikin must have interfered with the regular practice of the academies to study one tractate each term. Palestinian sources indicate no division. (Genizah fragments of the Jerusalem Talmud treat it as one tractate.)

Paragraph 2    עם פירש רש"י ותוספות, ועם כל המראה מקומות, אור תורה ומסורת הש"ס ועין משפט ... מוסיף על הראשונים שהוספנו חדושי הלכות הגאון מהרש"א ... וצורתו בכרך קטן למען אשר יוכל כל איש לישא עמו באמתחתו ... ו'ט'ב'א' ב'ל'ו'ו'י'ת'י'ה'

תורה אור, עין משפט נר מצוה ומסורת הש"ס משולבים בתוך הגמרא, באותיות קטנות. כל שני עמודים מהווים עמוד אחד של המהדורות הרגילות. חידושי הלכות המהרש"א נדפסו בסוף המסכת. הטופס שראינו פגום: חסר באמצע ובסוף (אחרי דף 253).

   CD-EPI 0318759 (incomplete copy); EJ
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