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Title (English)    Birkat Aharon
Title (Hebrew)    ברכת אהרן
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Aaron b. Nathan Lewin of Rzeszow
City    Drogobych
Publisher    A. H. Zupnik
Publication Date    1913
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [5], 140 ff., 298:195 mm., wide margins, light age staining, old hands. A very good copy bound in later cloth boards.
   Novellae on tractate Berakhot by R. Aaron ben Nathan Lewin of Rzeszow. The title page informs that Birkat Aharon is comprised of three hundred ten ma’amarim on different topics in tractate Berakhot, made up of a mixture of pilpul, drash, and aggadah, both more general and in great depth. The verso has title information in German, followed by R. Lewin’s introduction. Next is birkat Av, from R. Lewin’s father, R. Nathan Lewin, and then the text, which is on two columns in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words. The ma’amarim, of which there are the number stated on the title page, vary in length. Birkat Aharon concludes with two indexes, the first of the pipul and halakhah, the second of the drash aggadah and bekorot.

R. Aaron ben Nathan Lewin of Rzeszow (1879–1941) was a rabbi, author, and communal worker. When he was 15 years old, his talmudic novellae were published and when he was 19, his sermons, in Davar be-Itto (1899). At the age of 24, he was elected rabbi of Sambor. He subsequently refused invitations from several other communities. Accorded the title of Kaiserlicher Rat (crown councillor), he was able to render many services to the refugees of World War I who streamed into Vienna. In 1922 he was elected to the Polish Sejm as representative of the "Jewish bloc" and was a member of its cultural commission. An outstanding speaker, he captivated his audience with his brilliant style. He was one of the leaders of Agudat Israel, and delivered the opening addresses at its conventions in 1929 and 1937. In 1926 he was elected rabbi of Rzeszow, succeeding his father. In 1931 he was again elected to the Polish Sejm, but in 1935, because of government pressure, he failed to obtain reelection. R. Lewin participated in every sphere of communal activity in Poland. When the Germans invaded Poland in World War II he fled to Lemberg and then to Radzyn. He returned to Lemberg, where he was arrested by the Nazis and murdered. As well as his numerous communal activities, he was a prolific writer. In addition to Birkat Aharon and Davar be-Itto, he published, Ha-Derash ve-ha-Iyyun on Genesis (1927); on Exodus (1931), on Leviticus (1937); on Numbers (1939); responsa Avnei Hefez (1934); and "Speeches in the Sejm" in Polish (1926). The second volume of Avnei Hefez as well as Ha-Derash ve-ha-Iyyun on the end of Numbers and on Deuteronomy were lost in the Holocaust.

Paragraph 2    על מסכת ברכות, בו נקבצו ובאו שלש מאות ועשרה מאמרים... מהם בדרך הפלפול והחדוד, מהם בדרך הדרש והאגדה, ומהם בדרך הבקורת והעיון, מאת אהרן לעווין אבד"ק סאמבור... בן הרב... מו"ה נתן שליט"א אבד"ק רישא יצ"ו ונכד... ר' יצחק שמעלקיש זצלה"ה אבד"ק לבוב...

הסכמה: ר' נתן לעווין, אב המחבר, רישא, כח למב"י [יג אייר] תרע"ג (עם הערות).

   BE bet 1612; EJ; CD-EPI 0142924
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