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Title (English)    Edut be-Ya'akov
Title (Hebrew)    עדות ביעקב
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Jacob di Boton
City    Salonica
Publisher    Talmud Torah
Publication Date    1720
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [1], 273 ff., 300:202 mm., wide margins, usual light age and damp staining, old hands. A very good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Important responsa by R. Jacob b. Abraham di Boton (1635?–1687). R. Jacob wrote many responsa, the earliest of which is dated 1658. They contain important material on the economic conditions of the time, dealing, among other things, with the guild of dyers to which he himself belonged. He made use of many manuscripts of rishonim and quoted early regulations of the Salonika community. A substantial part of his responsa was burnt together with his other writings when he was in Constantinople at the home of Hayyim Alfandari. His son-in-law, Solomon Abrabanel, published the remainder of his responsa.

R. Jacob was born in Salonika and was a disciple of R. Hasdai ha-Kohen Perahyah. His father, R. Abraham b. Jacob (b. c. 1610), grandson of R. Abraham b. Moses di Boton, was also a disciple of R. Hasdai ha-Kohen Perahyah and was appointed chief rabbi of Salonika in 1678. He was among the opponents of Shabbetai Zevi. During the lifetime of his father, R. Jacob acted as dayyan, with the specific task of enforcing payments imposed by the bet din. When his father died, he failed in his attempt to succeed him as chief rabbi, despite the recommendation of R. Solomon Amarillo. He is known to have written four other books: (1) a commentary on the Mishnah, written during the plague of 1679 when he was in the village of Libada; (2) a commentary on the Ittur of Isaac b. Abba Mari, a part of which was published with the responsa; (3) a work on the novellae of Solomon b. Abraham Adret and on other topics; (4) commentaries to the Talmud and the posekim. A fragment from this work was included in his one printed book.

Paragraph 2    משאלות ותשובות אשר חיבר ... הדיין ... כמה"ר יעקב ז"להה בן ... כמה"ר אברהם ז"להה בן הרב כמה"ר יעקב ז"להה בן ... כמה"ר אברהם די בוטון ז"ל בעל לחם משנה ולחם רב ... הביאו לבית הדפוס ה"ה חתן ... הרב המחבר זצוק"ל הגביר ... דון שלמה אבראבאניל נר"ו ... דפוס של ת"ת [תלמוד תורה] על ידי המדפיסים אברהם בן דוד נחמן ויום טוב בן משה קאנפילייאש, בשנת ויקם ע'ד'ו'ת' ביעקב ותורה שם בישראל

מעבר לשער: הקדמת הספר, מאת ר' [חיים] משה אמארילייו. דף רלב, א - רסד, א: עניינים מפוזרים ומפורדים מחדושי דינים וקצת לשונות הש"ס והפוסקים ראשונים ואחרונים ... משארית הפליטה אשר נמצא מהרב המחבר ז"ל ולא נצרכא אלא לפלפולא והנשאר טמון באש (בראשי העמודים: לקוטים). דף רסד, ב: הסכמה שהסכימו ... רבני העיר יע"א: ר' יוסף קובו, ר' שלמה אמאריליין, שליש אחרון מחודש שבט תפ"א.

   CD-EPI 0115789; I. S. Emmanuel, Mazzevot Saloniki, 2 (1968), 150–2; Hida, v. 1 (1852), 86, no. 210; v. 2 (1852), 106, no. 12; Steinschneider, Cat Bod, 1195, no. 5513.
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