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Title (English)    Zohar, Parts IV-V
Title (Hebrew)    זהר על התורה - במדבר דברים
Author    [Kabbalah] R. Simeon b. Yohai
City    Jerusalem
Publisher    Israel b. Abraham Bak
Publication Date    1844-46
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Two of five parts only. 318 ff., 241:163 mm., extra wide margins, light age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Volume three (parts 4-5) of the Sepher ha-Zohar (The Book of Splendor), the central work in the literature of the Kabbalah. Also known as the Mekhilta de-R. Simeon b. Yohai in Sefer ha-Gevul of R. David b. Judah he-Hasid; the Midrash de-R. Simeon b. Yohai, in several books dating from the period of the pupils of R. Solomon b. Abraham Adret, in the Livnat ha-Sappir of R. Joseph Angelino, the homilies of R. Joshua ibn Shu'ayb, and the books of R. Meir ibn Gabbai; Midrash ha-Zohar, according to R. Isaac b. Joseph ibn Munir; Midrash Yehi Or in the Menorat ha-Ma'or of R. Israel al-Nakawa, apparently because he had a manuscript of the Zohar which began with a commentary on the verse "Let there be light" (Gen. 1:3). Several statements from the Zohar were quoted in the first generation after its appearance, under the general title of Yerushalmi, in the writings of, for example, R. Isaac b. Sahula, R. Moses de Leon, and R. David b. Judah he-Hasid, and in the responsa of Rav Hai in the collection Sha'arei Teshuvah. In its literary form the Zohar is a collection of several books or sections which include short midrashic statements, longer homilies, and discussions on many topics. The greater part of them purport to be the utterances of the tanna R. Simeon b. Yohai and his close companions (havrayya), but there are also long anonymous sections. It is not one book in the accepted sense of the term, but a complete body of literature which has been united under an inclusive title.
Paragraph 2    על התורה ... וכפי אשר נדפס מקדם במנטובה וליוורנו [תקע"ה-תקע"ו] דף על דף ... ועתה מחדש הגהות דבש לפי (להרב חיד"א ז"ל) מרבנן קדישי ...

חלק ד: ספר במדבר - (אלה דברים). [תר"ד-תר"ו]. [1], קיז-שיח דף. חלק ד: בשער: כי מצי'ון תצא תורה ו'ד'בר ה' מי'ר'ו'ש'ל'ם' [תר"ד]. בהתנצלות המגיה" שבסוף: ובשנת קול ה'ת'"ו'ר' נשמע בארצ"ינו הטוב [תר"ו]. חלק ד: דף שי, ב: "ישמח חיים", דברי-סיום של החיד"א. דף שיא-שיח: מפתחות הזהר, שהוסיף ר' דניאל אלקלעי, מדפוס אמשטרדם תפ"ח. חלק ד:דף שיח, ב: התנצלות המגיה, ר' אברהם אשכנזי ב"ר זאב וואלף מילידי שקלאב, שזה לו "שתים-עשרה שנה אשר זכיתי שוב לשבת באה"ק ובירושלם".

   CD-EPI 0129431; EJ
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