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Title (English)    Hiddushei Maharal mi-Prag
Title (Hebrew)    חידושי מהר'ל מפראג
Author    [First Ed.] R. Judah Loew (Maharal mi-Prag)
City    [Sulzbach]
Publisher    [Aaron Fraenkel]
Publication Date    1775
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 4, 4-19 ff., 194:157 mm., wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern paper wrappers.
   Novellae to the Tur, Yore Deah by R. Judah b. Bezalel Loew (known as Der Hohe Rabbi Loew and Ma-Ha-Ra-L mi-Prag; c. 1525–1609), rabbi, talmudist, moralist, and mathematician. R. Judah Loew was the scion of a noble family which hailed from Worms. His father, R. Bezalel b. Hayyim, was brother-in-law of R. Isaac Klauber of Posen, the grandfather of R. Solomon Luria. R. Judah Loew's older brother, R. Hayyim b. Bezalel, and his two younger brothers, Sinai and Samson, were also scholars of repute. (According to one tradition, however, Judah was the youngest son.) His teachers are unknown. From 1553 to 1573 he was Landesrabbiner of Moravia in Mikulov (Nikolsburg) after which he went to Prague. There he founded a yeshivah called Die Klaus, organized circles for the study of the Mishnah, to which he attached great importance, and regulated the statutes of the hevra kaddisha, founded in 1564. He remained in Prague until 1584, and from then until 1588 served as rabbi in Moravia (according to others, in Posen), eventually returning to Prague. On the third of Adar 5352 (Feb. 16, 1592) he was granted an interview by Emperor Rudolph II, but it is not known what its purpose was. There seems little basis for the belief that it was due to their common interest in alchemy. Shortly afterward he left Prague for Posen, where he became chief rabbi, and several years later again returned to Prague, becoming its chief rabbi and remaining there until his death.
Paragraph 2    "ט י"ד [על טור יורה דעה] מהגאון.. ר' ליוא בר בצלאל זצ"ל הנקרא... מהר"ל מפראג... היאר[!] ה' עיני לראות בכ"י... ויגעתי להעתיקם והעלתי אותם תחת מכבש הדפוס... מאיר בן כהר"ר אליעזר זצ"ל מנייאדן[!] ומצד אמו נכד... ר' נתנאל ז"ל... ונין... ר' מנחם מן מראשוויץ זצ"ל אחיו של... ר' זעלקי ל"ש... באותיות כמו באמשטרדם... שנת אר'יה' ש'אג מי ל'א יירא

Literarischen Gesellschaft, X, 1913, S. 111. ספירת דפים משובשת. דף [יג]-יט [צ"ל: כ]: קונטרס... בענינה[!] דמועדים... שמו אמרי מועד... [מאת] מאיר בן כ"ה אליעזר זצ"ל מנייארן. מקום-הדפוס לפי -L. Loewenstein, Jahrbuch der Juedisch

הסכמות: ר' ידידי' טיאה ב"ר נתנאל ווייל, קרליסרוא, יב לית תלתאי [סיון] תקל"ד; ר' יצחק ב"ר דוד הכהן, זולצבורג, י תמוז תקל"ד.

   CD-EPI 0184394; B. Z. Bokser, From the World of the Cabbalah, the Philosophy of Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague (1954); F. Thieberger, The Great Rabbi Loew of Prague (1954); Kohen-Yashar, Bibliografyah Shimmushit shel Kitvei ha-Maharal mi-Prag (1967); EJ; JE
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