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Title (English)    Ya’ir Kinno - Hazut Kashah
Title (Hebrew)    יעיר קנו - חזות קשות
Author    R. Menahem Eliezer ben Levi of Vilna
City    Vilna - Warsaw
Publisher    Joseph Reuben Romm: Samuel Orgelbrand
Publication Date    1861; 1876
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only editions. [2], 37; 87 ff., folio, 280:220 mm., wide margins, light age staining, stamps. Very good copies bound in later boards.
   Only edition of two independent works bound together. The first title is Ya’ir Kinno, a two part commentary on Mishnah Kinnot, one of the most difficult tractates in Mishnayot. Ya’ir Kinno is comprised of the text of the tractate, Siah Sadeh, the commentary of R. Asher be Jehiel on Kinnot and Lekah Tov, R. Menahem Eliezer’s commentary. Lekah Tov, written when R. Menahem Eliezer was still a young man, was highly regarded by the Vilna Gaon, who said, “Menahem Eliezer was aided by Heaven to find the meaning of this difficult treatise, in which so many commentators have failed.”

R. Menahem Eliezer ben Levi was a Lithuanian Talmudist; born at Vilna; died at Minsk Dec. 23, 1816. After studying Talmud under R. Solomon of Vilkomir he settled at Minsk, where he became head of the yeshivah. After the death of the Vilna Gaon his pupils requested R. Menahem Eliezer to write a commentary on their teacher's notes to the Shulhan Arukk Orah Hayyim. R. Menahem Eliezer began this commentary, but did not complete it. He was also the author of works on the Pentateuch and on the Mishnah, of novellæ, and of responsa, none of which has been published.

The second work, Hazut Kashah, is novellae on the glosses to the Gilyon ha-Shas on the Babylonian Talmud by R. Akiva Eger by R. Issachar Dov ben Noah. It has an approbation from R. Elijah Gottmacher. R. Akiva Eger was one of the foremost rabbis of his time and his Gilyon ha-Shas is a major work on the Talmud. Hazut Kashah is a detailed work on Gilyon ha-Shas.

Paragraph 2    כולל שני פירושים... על מסכת קינים... שיח השדה, הוא העתק מפי' הרא"ש... עם הגהות וביאורים [בסוגריים בתוך הפירוש] ... לקח טוב, הכינו וגם חקרו... המחבר... ר' [מנחם] אליעזר ז"ל מווילנא בהגאון מוהר"ר לוי זצ"ל...

הפנים מסכת קינים וסביבה הפירושים "שיח השדה" ו"לקח טוב". דף לו-לז: העתק מכ"י אאמ"ו...מהו' לוי [על שתי משניות מקינים].

חזות קשות שחיבר הרב ... מוה' ישכר דוב אב"ד דק"ק לובראנץ ... ליישב יותר מאלף קושיות שהעיר על הש"ס ... מוה' עקיבא איגר ... בספרו חדוש ודרוש וגם בגליון הש"ס שלו ...

הסכמה: ר' אליהו [גוטמאכער] בר"ש [ב"ר שלמה], גרידץ, [תרל"ד].

   BE yod 812, het 443; JE; CD-EPI 0151589; 0118653
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