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Title (English)    Mafteah ha-Halakhot
Title (Hebrew)    מפתח ההלכות
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Shalom Zevi Harif
City    Warsaw
Publisher    Edelstein & Partners
Publication Date    1907
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [4], 84, [2] pp. octavo 235:145 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary paper wrappers.
   Only edition of this halakhic index on Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim and Yoreh De’ah with novellae on tractates by R. Shalom Zevi ben Abraham Joshua Harif. The title page describes Mafteah ha-Halakhot as being a three part work, the first part on Orah Hayyim and Yoreh De’ah besides some halakhot on parts of Hoshen Mishpat. The second part is on Even ha-Ezer, the third part to be on halakhot not applicable at the present time. At this time the first part only is being published but it is hoped that in a short time it will be possible to bring out the other parts. There is no evidence, however, that the other parts were ever printed. The title page continues that this work is of great need to whomever has any knowledge of Talmud or who is responsible for communal instruction, for with it anyone can promptly locate the source of a halakhah and can also become a wondrous expert in a short time. R. Harif then gives several generations of his genealogy, noting that he is the fourth generation form the Taz. Mafteah ha-Halakhot has an approbation from R. Abraham Schlossberg followed by R. Harif’s introduction.

The text, in a single column in rabbinic type, begins with the recital of Shema, netilat yadim, trhe laws of meals, how to recitre benedictions on fruit, followed by Shabbat and and the av melakhot. It includes such varied topics as milah, lending, and discusses manyu subjects by theirpalce int he Talmud, that is, by tractate. Within each subject references are given to their location i n the Talmud.

Paragraph 2    ... יחלק לשלשה חלקים: החלק הראשון על שו"ע או"ח ויו"ד, מלבד איזה הלכות ועל חלק חו"מ, והחלק השני על האבן העזר, והחלק השלישי יכיל ההלכות שאינם נהוגים בזמן הזה, ולע"ע הוצאתי רק החלק הראשון... חברתיו ש' צבי בהרב... אברהם יהושע זצללה"ה... בהרב... צבי חריף ז"ל, בהרה"ג... ר' שלום נכד... בעל חומות ירושלים [ר' דוד קליינערמאן ] דור רביעי להגאון... בעל הט"ז [ר' דוד הלוי]... המגיה מו"ה שמעון משה חאנעס נ"י...

לא נדפס יותר. הסכמה: ר' אברהם שלאסבערג, צאבלאן, כ אלול תרס"ו.

   CD-EPI 0184357; BE shin 3211
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