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Title (English)    Kenisiyah le-Shem Shamayim
Title (Hebrew)    כנסיה לשם שמים
Author    [Polemic - Sorcery] R. Manasseh Sutton (Sathun)
City    Jerusalem - Aram Zova (Aleppo)
Publisher    Elijah & Moses sons of Abraham Sassoon
Publication Date    1874
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 92, [1] ff., 190:130 mm., wide margins, usual light age staining, old hands. A very good copy bound in modern half leather and marbled paper boards.
   Against the practice of sorcery by R. Manasseh ben Matlub Sutton (Sathun). This is one of, if not the most important work of the great Sephardic sage, R. Sutton (Sathun). In it he argues fiercely against the prevalent practice of sorcery to banish evil spirits from a sickroom or maternity ward. R. Sutton was widely supported in his efforts by numerous other rabbis, as well as from rabbinic leaders in Erez Israel in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Hebron, and Safed, from both the Sephardic and Ashkenazic communities. The title page is followed by the introduction of R. Aaron Azriel and the text, which is in a single column in rabbinic letters excepting headers and initial words. Included in Kenisiyah le-Shem Shamayim are responsa from R. Moses Pardo (62b-70b) and R. Samuel Heller (70b-75a). The volume concludes with the numerous approbations given Kenisiyah le-Shem Shamayim. The title page has an inscription in a fine hand in the upper left hand corner of the title page. R. Manasseh ben Matlub Sutton (Sathun) Was born in Aram Zova (Aleppo) and died in Iskandrun (1876). Considered among the distinguished sages of Aleppo, R. Sutton was knowledgeable in all aspects of Torah learning, including the calendar and grammar. In addition, he was well informed in astronomy, mathematics, and engineering. R. Sutton supported himself through business initiatives. His other published works are Pirhei Shoshanim (Aram Zova, 1915) on spiritual development through stories, poems, and song; Klalei Dikdukei Ha-Kria (Aram Zova, 1914) on the rules of grammar effecting reading of the Torah (published with Peh Eliyahu); Matteh Menashe, three volumes of Hiddushim on Talmud and Rambam; and Siftei Zaddik on the Shulhan Arukh. Other works remain in manuscript. In 1870 he retired and moved to Jerusalem, but four years after was called to be Chief Rabbi of Aram Zova. In 1876 he was entreated to become rabbi of No-Amon in Egypt, but passed away in Alexandria before he could reach his new home.
Paragraph 2    ... לעקור ולשרש מעשה כשפים... הני נשי (בארצות ישמעאל)... תעשנה... זבוח וקטור (לערוך שולחן... לשדים. ומסדרים עליו כמה מיני מתיקה... יען האמינו כי ע"י דברים אלו שעושים לשדים... יהיו להם מטיבין... הדלים ועניים... ולרפא חולים... וקורין אותו מתו"ק ואנדולק"ו)... ובהסכמה עלו כל חכמי... ארה"ק... ועוד כמה מגדולי חכמי ישראל... לאסור... את המעשה הרע הזה (נאום הצעיר מנשה הטלוב סתהון)...

הקדמה [הסכמה]: ר' אהרן עזריאל, ירושלם, אייר תרל"ד. דף סב,ב-עה,א: תשובת... ר' משה פארדו; תשובת... ר' שמואל העליר. בדף עה,ב-[1 ] "הסכמות" רבני ארם-צובא, ירושלים, חברון, צפת, טבריא, יפו, חיפה ודמשק, האוסרים את טקס ה"אינדולקו", עם מאות חתימות, וכן מכתבים מאת ר' חיים פאלאג'י ור' יעקב בוקאעי.

   BE caph 351; David Sutton, Aleppo, pp. 339-40; CD-EPI 0179619
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