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Title (English)    Ozar ha-Kavod
Title (Hebrew)    אוצר הכבוד
Author    [Kabbalah - Hasidim - First Ed.] R. Abulafia
City    Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki
Publisher    Johann Anton Krieger
Publication Date    1808
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [3], 48 ff., 224:178 mm., extra wide margins, usual age staining, small title repair, stamps, old hands. A very good copy bound in moden boards. With the approbations of many major Hasidic rabbis.
   R. Todros b. Joseph Abulafia ha-Levi (c. 1220–1298), Spanish rabbi and kabbalist, was born in Burgos, was the nephew of R. Meir Abulafia. He is sometimes confused with the poet Todros b. Judah Abulafia. The latter, who was also associated with the circle of Toledo kabbalists, wrote an elegy on the death of Todros b. Joseph, as well as a poem “Gan ha-Meshalim ve ha-Hidot,” no. 532, in honor of the kabbalist R. Yose the Greek of Toledo. The date of Abulafia's death in the elegy is given as “the year 58 (Heb. Hn, “rest”; corresponding to 1298) of the soul of Rabbi Todros.” This is an allegorical allusion. On the other hand, Moses b. Shem Tov de Leon dedicated a number of works to Abulafia's son Joseph between the years 1287 and 1292, in which the father Todros is referred to as already deceased. This disparity in the dates of the death of Todros has never been explained. R. Abulafia was one of the three foremost kabbalists of his generation, Ozar ha-Kavod combines the kabbalistic doctrine of the gnostic circles in Castile with that of the Gerona school; in part, it is in effect a summary of the aggadic commentaries of commentaries by Ezra and Azriel of Gerona, R. Abulafia's works are difficult and full of obscure allusions. He asserted that he was not permitted to reveal more. However, his writings and those of R. Isaac b. Jacob ha-Kohen and R. Moses b. Solomon b. Simeon of Burgos frequently serve to elucidate one another. R. Abulafia also wrote, according to the custom of this gnostic circle, a commentary on the first chapter of Ezekiel, which was still extant in the 16th century. There are indications that he was interested in other trends in Kabbalah. R. Isaac ibn Latif who may also have lived in Toledo dedicated his Zeror ha-Mor (“A Bundle of Myrrh”) to him.
Paragraph 2    אשר אזן וחיקר ותיקון[!] ... רבינו טודרוס הלוי. אבי ... רבינו מאיר הלוי ... זה דבר חדש ... כי היה אורו נגנז זה מעט שש מאה שנה ... הופיע לנו ונתגלה ... על ידי ... מוהר"ר יצחק נ"י אב"ד דק"ק טוטשין ...

פירוש וביאור עמוק מאוד על אגדות הש"ס מסדר זרעים ומועד על דרך חכמה האמיתית ... בכל מאמר ומאמר יש סוד פנימי ... והובא לבית הדפוס ע"י מצות והוצאת מהר מהר"י הנ"ל ... ע"י התפעלות והתעסקות בהדפסה ה"ה מו' יעקב בהרבני מו' נפתלי צבי ז"ל מבית יאלוס ... לסדר ולפרט ו'ע'ל'י'ך' י'ז'ר'ח' א'ו'ר' הסכמות: ר' ישראל ב"ר שבתי [האפשטיין], קאזניץ, ג תמוז תקס"ח; ר' נפתלי צבי הורוויץ, ליסקא, בשם ר' מנחם מענדל מרימנאב, יא אלול תקס"ז; ר' יעקב יצחק מלאנצוט [החוזה מלובלין] ... חתם עצמו בפנקס החתומים ... וחתימתו במקום הסכמה יעמוד; ר' נפתלי הירץ חריף, יערוסלוב [בלא תאריך].

   CD-EPI 0105278; EJ; Todros b. Judah Abulafia, Gan ha-Meshalim veha-Hidot, ed. by D. Yellin (1932), no. 431; Baer, Spain, 1 (1961), 119, 257–60; G.Scholem, in: Madda'ei ha-Yahadut, 2 (1927), 185–9; idem, in: Tarbiz, 3 (1931/32), 263–8; R.Azriel of Gerona, Perush ha-Aggadot, ed. by I. Tishby (1945), 33–36 (introd.).
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