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Title (English)    Kerem Shelomo
Title (Hebrew)    כרם שלמה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Solomon Zalman Geiger
City    Homburg
Publisher    Aaron ben Zevi Hirsch from Dessau
Publication Date    1738
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [1], 49 ff., folio, 325:204 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining, minor worming, old hands, stamps. A good copy loose in contemporary boards.
   Discourses on the weekly Torah readings by R. Solomon Zalman ben Abraham Geiger. The title page, which has an attractive ornate frame. It informs that R. Geiger was dayyan in Frankfort a. Main and is dated with the verse, “Solomon had a vineyard [at Baal-Hamon; he let out the vineyard to keepers]; every one for his fruit was to bring one thousand pieces of silver” (Song of Songs 8:11). Kerem Shelomo has approbations from R. Moses Hagiz, R. Samuel Heilman, and R. Zevi called Hirsch Auerbach. There are errata and then R. Geiger’s introduction (1b). Geiger writes that the rabbis of Frankfort had placed a ban on publishing any books, whether new or old, without first receiving permission from the rabbis and bet din because of the controversey surrounding the followers of Shabbatei Zevi and Nehemia Hayun. R. Geiger, however, received permission to print because his book was already in press and promulgation of the decree was postponed until Keren Shelomo was completed. Next is the text in two columns in rabbinic type. In Keren Shelomo R. Geiger takes a philosophic-kabbalistic homiletical approach in explaining the weekly parasha.

R. Solomon Zalman ben Abraham Geiger (d. 1775) was a promonment rabbi in Frankfort a. Main. Although Kerem Shelomo was initially well received a declaration was made against t he book in 1742, in conjunction with the rabbis of Frankfort withdrawing R. Geiger’s right to be chosen as gabbai; they interdicted him from serving as precentor in the Great Synagogue for nine years. The official reason was that R. Geiger had not comported himself correctly in the community meetinghouse. R. Geiger also compiled an anthology of writings of medieval Jewish philosophers (unpublished).

Paragraph 2    אשר נטע ... כהר"ר שלמה זלמן בן ... מוהר"ר אברהם גייגר זצ"ל דיינא דקרתא ... פרנקפורט דמיין ... וחורז מתורה לנביאים ומנביאים לכתובים סתומים ... מידי שבת בשבתו. דרושים ... לפרט כרם היה לש'ל'מ'ה' איש י'בא ב'פריו א'ל'ף' כסף

מתוך ההקדמה: "שנתקנה תקנה מפי חברותה קדישא ... מפה ק"ק פ"פ [פראנקפורט] בצרוף הגאון אב"ד [ר"י כ"ץ] עם כל בני הישיבה ... שלא יודפס שום ספר חדש וישן תוך עשרה מיל מכאן אם לא בנטילת רשות מהגאון אב"ד נר"ו עם בני ישיבה. והטיבו אשר דברו מלהכריז תקנה זו עד אחר שיוגמר הדפסת ספרי ... והוכרחתי לקצר ..."

הסכמות: ר' משה חאגיז, ווירמשא, אורח נטה ללון, כב סיון תצ"ח; ר' שמואל הילמן, מנהיים, כה סיון תצ"ח; ר' צבי יכונה הירש אויערבאך מבראד, ווירמשא, כג סיון תצ"ח.

   BE caf 513; EJ; CD-EPI 0116895
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