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Title (English)    Aleh Toledot Adam . . . Kohelet Ya'akov
Title (Hebrew)    אלה תולדות אדם גדול... קהלת יעקב, קדש ישראל
Author    [First Ed.] R. Moses ibn Baruch
City    Venice
Publisher    Daniel Zanetti
Publication Date    1598-99
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   First edition. 229, [1 blank, 18] ff., 275:192 mm., nice margins, inital and final few ff. frayed, minor working several ff. affecting words, old hands. A good copy bound in later boards, rubbed.
   Multifaceted philosophical commentary on Ecclesiastes by R. Baruch ben Moses ibn Baruch (c. 1540-c.1607). Ibn Baruch, a talmudist, halakhist, philosopher, and exegete, was born in Salonika to the dissinguished Sephardic Baruch family, also known as Bet Ya'akov. His primary teacher was, his uncle, R. David Baruch, although his father too was a scholar. Ibn Baruch served as rabbi in Constantinople, but in about 1595 left for Venice, where he joined the bet din of R. Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen, as well as working as an editor for Hebrew presses in that city.

The title page of Aleh Toledot Adam has the frame associated with Zanetti publications. At the bottom of the page is the Con licentia de i Superiori of the censor, and below it a device with the words Daniel ha-Navi (the Prophet Daniel) on the sides. The beginning of the work is dated to the end of Nissan in the year גאולי באה "my redeemed ([3]58 = Wednesday, May 6, 1598) has come" (Isaiah 63:4). Work concluded, according to the colophon, on 25 Nissan, ושמחה "joy and gladness" (359 = Tuesday, April 20, 1599; Isaiah 22:13, 35:10, 51:3, 11, Psalms 51:10). The text of the title page begins:

"These are the generations of a great man. . . And, behold, he comes and in his hand a "meal offering, mixed" (Lev. 7:10, 14:10, Num. 28:9, 12, 13) with "pure beaten olive oil for the light" (Exodus 27:20, Lev. 24:2), "In the light of the king's countenance" (Proverbs 16:15), "King Solomon with the crown with which [his mother] crowned him" (Song of Songs 3: 11) with "turquoise, a sapphire" (Exodus 28: 18, 39: 11), "and all kinds of precious stones" (I Chron. ides 29:2),'Torah, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim, "set in fixtures of gold" (Exodus 28: 11, 39:6), the words of the sages and their acuity, gemara, aggadalz. . . . Also the explanations of the philosophic sages of the Greeks and Arabs. . . ."

The title page further informs that the work is in two parts, entitled Kohelet Ya'akov and Kodesh Yisrael. The text is in the form of a dispute between Kohelet, representing impiety, and ben David, defending fajth. The book, divided into shorashim, testifies to ibn Baruch's talmudic knowledge, he makes extensive and clever and effective use of talmudic and midrashic material, and to his knowledge of scholastic philosophy, particularly of Thomas Aquinas. Among the many topics addressed are creation, the senses and salvation, freedom, providence, revelation, and predestination. The book concludes with an index and, on the final foli(o, an,apprcibation from the Venetian rabbinate, dated 15 Adar, 359 (Friday, March 12, 1599).

When slightly more than two-thirds of the book had been printed ibn Baruch received a request to assist in publishing R. Joseph Taitazak's Porat Yosef, also on Ecclesiastes. Ibn Baruch stopped work on Aleh Toledot, resuming after Porat Yosef was completed. Only a small number of copies of Aleh Toledot Adam were published, as noted in the approbation, and the price, therefore is high. Ibn Baruch also wrote Viddui Karov le-Malkot (Venice, c. 1599-1600), to be said on the eve of Yom ha-Kippurim prior to the infliction of 39 stripes; Tefilla Kezarah (Venice, 1599); selihot; responsa, primarily found in the responsa of R. Moses di Trani (Mabit). Ibn Baruch mentions that he wrote halakhic novellae on the Talmud and Maimonides, but these are no longer extant.

Paragraph 2    ... כמהר"ר ברוך ן' ברוך ... בכמה"ר משה תנצב"ה...בא ובידו... באור... שעטרה בנופך... תורה נביאים וכתובי'... דברי חכמים וחדותם גמרא והגדה. עם... דברי הפלוסופים התורנים... הרב המורה [הרמב"ם] והרלב"ג וזולתם בהעתיק בקצת דבריהם... עם ביאור כונתם ולשון חכמים פלוסופי' יונים וישמעאלים... ויפתח... שתי... ביאורים... מבארים דברי הספר החתום קהלת בן דוד... זה שמו... קהלת יעקב, מימינו... ומדד... כל הסברות הזרות... וסתרם... ויחלק אותו לשרשים וענפים. ושם השני קרא קדש ישראל והעמידו... אל הצד השמאלי... וחלקו לדרושים וסימנים... כמה"ר משה אלפלס נר"ו... נתן לבו להגיהו... בתוספת טובה...

בראש השער: אלה תולדות אדם גדול מרבן שמו... כמהר"ר ברוך... בשער: והתחלנו... המלאכה... ביום סוף ניסן שנת ג'א'ו'ל'"י' ב'א'"ה' [שנ"ח]. קולופון: ותהי השלמת המלאכה... ביום כח לחדש ניסן שנת ששון ו'ש'מ'ח'ה' ישיגו ונסו יגון ואנחה [שנ"ט]. מעבר לשער: "שיר המהלל" בשבח הספר מאת ר' יהודה אריה ממודינה. פותח: תורה אשר נתן לעמו אל ובה מכל בני אדם מאד נפלינו. אוצר השירה והפיוט, ג, עמ' 524, מס' 178. עם הפנים.

הסכמה: רבני ויניצייא: ר' אביגדור ציוידאל, ר' בן ציון צרפתי ור' ליב סרוואל, ואתם הפרנסים: ר' גרשון ב"ר קולונימוס מויירה, ר' הוישל בלדוז, ר' יוסף בר יוסף, ר' יצחק לוצאטו, ר' אברהם שאקי, ר' שמואל קורקוס, ר' אלישע ריבאשאלטיש ור' שלמה סאגיש, ויניצייא, טו אדר שנ"ט.

   Heller, Sixteeneth Century Book; CD-EPI 0304548
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