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Title (English)    Pe’er Yizhak
Title (Hebrew)    פאר יצחק
Author    [Zhidachov Hasidim] R. Michael ha-Kohen Brawer
City    Satu Mare
Publisher    Meir Leib Hirsch
Publication Date    1937
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   64 pp. octavo 222:133 mm., light age staining. A good copy bound in later boards, rubbed.
Paragraph 1    Printed without the Author's permission.
   Biography of and on the works by R. Isaac Eizik Eichenstein (1804–1872) by R. Michael ben Moses ha-Kohen Brawer. R. Eichenstein was a nephew of R. Zevi Hirsch Eichenstein (1785–1831), founder of the Zhidachov Hasidic dynasty. R. Zevi Hirsch was a student of R. Jacob Isaac ha-Hozeh ("the Seer") of Lublin. In addition, Zevi Hirsch studied with R. Moses Leib of Sasov. He had a unique approach to Hasidism, which aroused the opposition of other hasidic leaders. It consisted of strengthening the kabbalistic-philosophical foundation of the movement. He wrote a number of important works on mysticism, and his disciples and followers were distinguished from other streams of Hasidism by their open and dedicated study of the system of R. Isaac Luria, whose thought they considered to be a direct forerunner of Hasidism. In addition, he maintained that no understanding of Hasidism was possible without a deep knowledge of Kabbalah. Among his numerous disciples were his brother, R. Judah Zevi of Rozdol, and his nephew, Isaac Eizik of Komarno. The well-known Malbim (R. Meir Leib ben Jehiel of Michael) studied Kabbalah under R. Zevi Hirsch. The 11th of Tammuz, the date of R. Zevi Hirsch's death, became a day of celebration, when his disciples, admirers, and the adherents of closely related hasidic sects made a pilgrimage to his grave. R. Zevi Hirsch was followed as leader of the Zhidachov dynasty by his brothers R. Issacher Leib (d. 1832) and R. Moses of Sambor, and then by his nephew, R. Isaac Eizik. R. Isaac Eizik, although a follower of a number of the great hasidic leaders of his generation, was primarily a devoted disciple of his uncle R. Zevi Hirsch. In addition, R. Isaac Eizik wrote hasidic works which are firmly based on a kabbalistic foundation and serve as a kind of bridge between Hasidism and Kabbalah. R. Isaac Eizik's sons and grandsons, who were rabbis and communal leaders in several places, continued the tradition of the dynasty, and were admorim in several centers. R. Michael ben Moses ha-Kohen Brawer (1862-1949) was born in Kalusz and immigrated to Erez Israel in 1925.
Paragraph 2    ...נאסף ונלקט והובא לאור בפעם הא' ע"י ... מוהר"ר מיכאל בראווער איש ירושלים ע"ה[!] ובפעם השני ע"י אלי' ווייס נכד ... מהרי"א [יצחק אייזיק ווייס] אבדק"ק סוואליאווא וראבדק"ק מונקאטש זצללה"ה ...

המוציא לאור חשב שהמחבר כבר אינו בחיים והתיר לעצמו להדפיס את הספר.

   BE peh 13; CD-EPI 0113770
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