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Title (English)    Tekhelet Mordekhai
Title (Hebrew)    תכלת מרדכי
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Mordecai Meltzer Klatzko
City    Vilna
Publisher    Judah Leib Metz
Publication Date    1889
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 82 ff., folio, 320:200 mm., usual age staining. A good copy bound in later wrappers.
   First edition of the novellae and responsa of R. Mordecai ben Asher Meltzer Klatzko. There are two title pages, the first with a decorative frame and brief text, the second with a lengthier description of the book. Tekhelet Mordekhai begins with verse in which the initial letter of each line forms an acronym of the author’s name. Next are a table of contents and a two introductions, one biographical. Tekhelet Mordekhai was published by R. Klatzko’s pupil, R. Abba Joseph Triwusch, who wrote down what he received from the author orally. The novellae are on Berakot, Mo'ed, and the first part of the Shuhan Aruk.

R. Mordecai ben Asher Meltzer Klatzko was a Russian rabbi and author; born in Wilna 1797; died in Lida July 2, 1883. He was a descendant of Rabbi Mayer Katzenellenbogen of Padua. R. Klatzko received the usual Talmudical education and soon distinguished himself by his keen mind and retentive memory. He studied under R. Hayyim of Volozhin and married the daughter of R. Loeb Malzer (Melzer), later adopting his surname. After lecturing privately for some time in his native city he was appointed (1831) chief teacher in the newly established yeshivah founded by Mayla. In 1840 he was appointed head of the R. Meilis yeshivah in Vilna, succeeding R. Israel Salanter who had headed it for a short period. In 1844 R. Klatzko was chosen dayyan of Vilna; he retained his positions at the yeshibah and in the rabbinate until 1852, when he was called to Kalvariya, government of Suwalki, to succeed Löb Shapiro of that place, who had become rabbi of Kovno. R. Klatzko remained in Kalvariya till 1864, when he was elected to the rabbinate of Lida, government of Vilna, which position he held until his death. R. Klatzko was considered one of the most eminent rabbis of Russia. He had many pupils, and probably ordained more young rabbis than any of his contemporaries. At an advanced age he became a follower of the hasidic movement and led an ascetic life, devoting much attention to the needs of his fellow men.

Paragraph 2    ... בחדושים ובאורים... בש"ס ופוסקים... מאת... ר' מרדכי במוה"ר אשר זצ"ל קלאצקי (בשם ר' מרדכי מעלצער יכונה) ריש מתיבתא... ומ"צ... בק"ק ווילנא... נתקבל לאב"ד בק"ק קאלוועריעא, ולבסוף ימיו... אב"ד בק"ק לידא, בחבל ווילנא, ושם מנוחתו כבוד... וזה יצא ראשונה ברכות וס' מועד ושו"ע אורח חיים (מתלמידיו אשר הקשיבו לקולו... על ספר כתובים) ... [עם] הגהות והערות... בשם רמוני תכלת (תולדו הגאון, מבוא הספר, פתיחה... ומראה מקומות) מאת הרב המעתיק ומסדר (מתלמידי מר אבא... הרב... ר' אבא יוסף הכהן טריווש הי"ו... [בן] ר' עוזר הכהן זצ"ל... פ"ק ווילנא) הובא לדפוס בראשונה ע"י בנו... אשר יצחק קלאצקי הי"ו מיקירי ק' ווילנא...
   BE tav 1289; EJ; JE; H.N. Maggid-Steinschneider, Ir Vilna (1900), 122–7; idem, in: Ozar ha-Sifrut, 4 (1892), 531–41; S.M. Chones, Toledot ha-Posekim (1910), 598–600; D. Katz, Tenu'at ha-Musar, 1 (1958), 148f.; 4 (1963), 153f.; Yahadut Lita, 3 (1967), 84; CD-EPI 0164023
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