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Title (English)    Gan David
Title (Hebrew)    גן דוד
Author    R. David ben Moses Judah Schlussel (Shlisel)
City    Mukachevo
Publisher    Eliezer Jehiel Kalish
Publication Date    1940
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 9, [2], 4-64, [2] ff. folio 190:200 mm., wide margins, usual age staining. some chipping. A good copy bound in the original boards, rubbed.
   Only edition of this comprehensive work on the thirty-nine melahot prohibited on Shabbat as well as their toledot or derivatives by R. David ben Moses Judah Schlussel (Shlisel, 1865-1940). R. Schussel, who served as rav in Zaborov and Munkach, was also the author of Bet David, a multi part work on several subjects, Imrei David, and a work on aggadah. Scion of a distinguished rabbinic family, much of R.Schlussel’s lineage is given on the title page. Gan David addresses the 39 prohibited works as well as works for which one is exempt but are also prohibited and those activities which are initially permissible. There is an introduction from R. Schlussel (4b-9a) followed by a second introduction by the author’s son who writes with a broken heart, Gan David being published posthumously. Included in the introduction are responsa exchanged between the author and R. Hayyim Eliezer Shapira of Munkach concerning the status of someone who died at twilight concerning when the Jahrzeit occurs. The text is in four parts, comprised of the halakhot in the center in square letters, Pre ha-Gan and Ez ha-Gan, commentaries and pilpulim alongside, and below Pre Neta Shelomo betoch ha-Gan, this last by R. Solomon Schussel, the author’s son.

The subject matter of Gan David is the halachic prohibition of doing any form of melachah (plural melachot) on Shabbat, with some exceptions. Though melachah is usually translated as "work" in English, the term does not correspond to the English definition of the term. The Talmud Tractate Shabbat (Ch7, Mishna 2), citing verses from the Torah, identifies 39 categories of activity prohibited on Shabbat (or 39 melachot, or lamed tet avot melachot), and clarifies many questions surrounding the application of the prohibitions. These activities are, with some exceptions, also prohibited on the Jewish holidays listed in the Torah. Many rabbinical scholars have pointed out that these regulations of labor have something in common - they prohibit any activity that is creative, or that exercises control or dominion over one's environment. The commandment to keep the Sabbath as a day of rest is repeated many times in the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible. Its importance is also stressed in Exodus 31:12-17 which states ““G-d told Moses to speak to the Israelites and say to them: You must still keep my sabbaths. It is a sign between me and you for all generations, to make you realize that I, G-d, am making you holy. Keep the Sabbath as something sacred to you. Anyone doing work (melakhah - מְלָאכָה) shall be cut off spiritually from his people, and therefore, anyone violating it shall be put to death. Do your work (melakhah) during the six week days, but keep Saturday as a Sabbath of sabbaths, holy to G-d. Whoever does any work (melakhah) on Saturday shall be put to death. The Israelites shall thus keep the Sabbath, making it a day of rest for all generations, as an eternal covenant. It is a sign between me and the Israelites that during the six weekdays G-d made heaven and earth, but on Saturday, he ceased working and rested.”

Paragraph 2    עם פרי הגן ועץ הגן, על ט"ל מלאכות של שבת, אבות ותולדותיהן ... להלכה ולמעשה ... מאיש תבונות ... מרן דוד שליססעל זצללה"ה ראש בי"ד דק"ק מונקאטש ... בן ... מו"ה משה יהודה ז"ל בן ... מו"ה נטע שלמה זצ"ל דומ"צ דק"ק טארנא בן ... מו"ה ליבוש זצ"ל דומ"צ דק"ק דזשיקוב ... עם הגהות פרי נטע"י שלמ"ה בתוך הגן, מאת בן המחבר הרב נטע שלמה שליססעל דומ"ץ דפה ...

דף [4,ב-9,א]: הקדמת בן המחבר. ובתוכה שו"ת שהוחלפו בין המחבר ובין ר' חיים אלעזר שפירא ממונקאטש "לענין מת ... בזמן שהי' ספק בין השמשות ... מתי תהי' היאצ"ט". שאלת המחבר הועתקה "משו"ת 'ויברך דוד' הנקרא שו"ת רדב"ם, כת"י", ותשובת רח"א שפירא הועתקה "משו"ת 'מנחת אלעזר', חלק ה, סי' כג [צ"ל: ג], כת"י" [נדפס בשנת תשל"ד בברוקלין].

   BE gimel 359; CD-EPI 0170415; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/39_categories_of_activity_prohibited_on_Shabbat;
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