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Title (English)    Hod Yosef
Title (Hebrew)    הוד יוסף
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Joseph ben Moses Arwas
City    Jerusalem
Publication Date    1905
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [6], 144 ff. octavo 202:155 mm., wide margins, dedication on inside front cover, light age staining. A very good copy loose in later boards, rubbed and split.
   Only edition of multi-part work consisting of discourses on the Torah, arba’ah parshiot, eulogies, halakhic novellae, and hiddushim, all by R. Joseph ben Moses Arwas. The title page describes it as “sought out all by all who love them” (Psalms 111:2), sermons that R. Arwas delivered both in Erez Israel and in the diaspora, containing reproof to arouse the hearts of the Jewish people to teshuvah and zedakah. The eulogies were delivered by R. Arwas on zadikkim, rabbanim, and geonim. Also included are pilpul and agadah, responsa from R. Arwas on practical halakhah based on the works of rishonim and aharonim as well as his own conclusions, concluding with hiddushei Torah that he found in manuscript from his youth. On the verso of the title page is a seven branched menorah with, at the top of each branch a picture of a scene in Erez Israel and on the sides two luhot and below a vignette of Jerusalem and to its sides reproductions of the altar and utensils in the Bet ha-midash, all above and around a Magen David. There are approbations from R. Jacob Saul Eliashar, R. Ezekiel Medini, R. Abraham Isaac ha-Kohen Kook, an approbation from five rabbis from Marrakesh, and another from three rabbis in Arbat. Next is R. Arwas’ introduction, followed by a list of donors who assisted with publication, and then the text, in two columns in rabbinic type. Hod Yosef is comprised of the contents described on the title page. R. Arwas (1848-1924) was born in Rabat, Morocco and went up to Erez Israel in 1865.
Paragraph 2    חלק ראשון ... דרושים ... שדרשתי ... בארץ ובחו"ל במילי דתוכחה ... וגם ... בהספדן של צדיקים ... ובסופו ... מקצת מתשובותי ... ולהשלים ... מקצת מחדושי תורתי ... בים התלמוד ... המחבר ... יוסף ארוואץ בן ... משה ז"ל ... שנת ס'ת'ר'י' ומגני אתה לפ"ג

דף [קכד]-קלו: שו"ת על יורה דעה ואבן העזר. דף קלז-קמד: לקוטים: חידושים בש"ס. עם הסכמות ר' יעקב שאול אלישר, ירושלים, אלול תרס"ה; ר' חיים חזקיאו מדיני, חברון; ר' אברהם יצחק הכהן קוק, יפו, יט מנחם-אב תרס"ה; רבני מראכיש: ר' שלמה ן' יעקב אסבאג, ר' אברהם ן' מוחה, ר' ימין כהן, ר' יעקב אבן חיים ור' שלמה סימאנה, סיון תרס"ב; רבני ארבאט: ר' חיים יקותיאל בירדוגו, ר' מסעוד צבאח ור' חיים רפאל עטייא, סיון תרס"ב.

   BE heh 569; CD-EPI 0129536
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