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Title (English)    Delatayim u-Veriah
Title (Hebrew)    דלתים ובריח
Author    [Polemic - Only Ed.] R. Jedidiah Gottlieb Fischer
City    Vienna
Publisher    Adalbert della Torre
Publication Date    1855
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 36 ff. quarto 235:163 ff., wide margins, light age staining, stamps. A very good copy bound in modern boards.
   Only edition of this response to the pamphlet Mai ha-Shiloah on the order of a get by R. Jedidiah Gottlieb Fischer (1810-95). The full title is Delatayim u-Veriah le-Me ha-Shiloah: ma‘aneh Nichonah le-Ta‘anat ha-Rav ha-Moreh be-Ir Waisenburg, referring to the innovative bill of divorce given by Dr. M. Zipser in the kuntres (pamphlet) Me ha-Shiloah (Ofen, 1853). Delatayim u-Veriah has approbations from R. Isaac Moses Perles, R. Pinhas Leib Frieden, R. Solomon Kovetsh, R. Hayyim Joseph ben Shabbetai Phallak, and R. Abraham Platsak. Next is R. Fischer’s introduction, beginning that he has seen the pamphlet Mai ha-Shiloah concerning the order of a get (bill of divorce) which is against the gedolei Israel, given in Waisenburg. R. Fischer here explains the nature of the get given and in Delatayim u-Veriah in great detail explains his halakhic reasons for disagreeing.

Majer Zipser (1815–1869), the ssource and subject of the controversy, was a rabbi and leader of the Neologist movement in Hungary. Born in Balassagyarmat, Hungary, Zipser studied at the renowned yeshivot of Eisenstadt and Mikulov, under R. Meir Eisenstadt and R. N. Trebitsch, respectively. The latter granted him his rabbinical diploma (semikhah), as did R. Moses Sofer though he was not one of his disciples (1837). While still engaged in his talmudic studies, he acquired a broad general education, and graduated from the University of Pest in 1851. In 1844 R. Zipser was appointed rabbi of Szekesfehervar. As soon as he assumed his position, he called for reforms in the order of prayer: the exclusion of the piyyutim from the obligatory prayers and their recital in silence. Controversies immediately broke out within the community which increased after he consented to give a get (divorce bill) in the community, something which had never been done before. Zipser published Mei ha-Shillo'ah ("Waters of Siloah," 1853) in defense of his attitude. In 1850 he went to England, where he published his apologetic work The Talmud and the Gospels (1851). It was republished by the community of London in 1852 as "The Sermon on the Mount Reviewed…, in reply to statements made by two members of parliament, Inglis and Newgate." As a result of the disputes in his community, he thought of emigrating, but accepted a call from the community of Rechnitz (Rohonc), where he remained until his death. His other works include Zur Biographie R. Meir Eisenstadt (1846–47); Die juedischen Zustaende unter der 150 jaehrigen Tuerkenherrschaft (1846–47); Raphael Meldola (1846–47); and Kritische Untersuchung ueber die Originalitaet der im Talmud und Midraschim vorkommenden Parabeln und Sentenzen (1848). His German translation of Josephus' Contra Apionem, entitled Ueber das hohe Alter des juedischen Volkes gegen Apion, was edited by A. Jellinek and published posthumously in 1870.

Paragraph 2    ... מענה... לטענת הרב [מאיר ציפסער]... בעיר ווייסענבורג אשר הציע בענין הגט בקונטרס מי השלוח [אפען 1853]. חברתי... גאטטליב פישער...

הסכמות: ר' יצחק משה פערלס מברודא, באנהארד, כד מנחם-אב תרי"ג; ר' פנחס ליב פריעדען, קאמארן, כו אלול תרי"ג; ר' שלמה קוועטש מנ"ש [מניקלשבורג], לייפניק; ר' חיים יוסף ב"ר שבתי פאללאק, טרעביטש; ר' אברהם פלאטשעק, באסקאוויטץ.

   BE daled 835; EJ; CD-EPI 0158271
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