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Title (English)    Magen Avraham: Lehem ha-Panim
Title (Hebrew)    לחם הפנים : מגן אברהם
Author    R. Abraham Abele Ha-Levi Gombiner: R. Moses Jekuth
City    Amsterdam
Publisher    Solomon Proops
Publication Date    1732
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 60 ff. octavo 190:117 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed and split.
   Only edition of this commentary on the Tosefta of Nezikin by the reknowned halakhic authority R. Abraham Abele Ben Hayyim Ha-Levi Gombiner. Printed with it is part two of Lehem ha-Panim, actuall a new recension, with additions of that work, by R. Moses Jekuthiel Kaufmann. Magen Avraham is a concise commentary of the Tosefta, comprised of the Tosefta in square letters with the Magen Avraham as glosses in rabbinic letters. Lehem ha-Panim, with its own title page but continued foliation, begins on 40a. It is amended annotations to Yoreh De'ah. R. Kaufmann was R. Gombiner’s son-in-law and the book was brought to press by R. Gombiner’s grandson, Abraham. There are approbations from R. Ezekiel Katzenelbogen, R. David Attias, R. Isaac Hayyim ibn Dan di Briton, R. Joseph ben Simeon Akiva Baer, and R. Moses Simeon Frankfort.

R. Abraham Abele Ben Hayyim Ha-Levi Gombiner, (c. 1637–1683), Polish rabbi. After the death of his parents during the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648, Abraham left his birthplace, Gombin. In 1655 he went to Lithuania, and there studied with his relative, Jacob Isaac Gombiner. Later he went to Kalisz, where he was appointed head of the yeshivah and dayyan of the bet din. R. Abraham is best known for his Magen Avraham (Dyhernfurth, 1692), a commentary on the Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim, highly esteemed throughout Poland and Germany by scholars who followed it in their halakhic decisions, at times against the opinions of other codifiers. In his work R. Abraham reveals his acumen, depth of insight, and comprehensive knowledge of the entire halakhic literature. R. Abraham's main purpose was to reach a compromise between the decisions of R. Joseph Caro and the glosses of R. Moses Isserles, but he upholds the latter where no compromise can be arrived at. He regarded all Jewish customs as sacred and endeavored to justify them even where they were at variance with the views of the codifiers. He also thought highly of the Zohar and of the kabbalists Isaac Luria and R. Isaiah Horowitz, occasionally accepting their decision against that of the codifiers. Magen Avraham is written in a terse style, which scholars were at times hard put to understand until the appearance of R. Samuel ha-Levi Kolin's extensive commentary, Mahazit ha-Shekel.

R. Abraham is also the author of Zayit Ra'anan (Dessau, 1704), a commentary on the Yalkut Shimoni, published together with some of his homilies on Genesis, Shemen Sason. Zayit Ra'anan was also published in abridged form in the margins of the Yalkut, in the 1876 edition and in all subsequent editions. A commentary to Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes was attributed in error to him, having in fact been taken from the Beit Avraham of R. Abraham b. Samuel R. Gedaliah. R. Moses Jekuthiel Kaufmann was born at Krotoschin about the middle of the seventeenth century. In addition to Lehem ha-Panim he wrote "Hukkat Torah," or "Yismah Yisrael," annotations to Shuhan 'Aruk and to later halakic works, in four parts, published between 1693 and 1701 at various places. He left in manuscript: "Hayyim Arukkim," on Oraḥ Hayyim; "Hukkat ha-Pesaḥ," on the Pesah Haggadah; "Kele ha-Dayyanim," on Hoshen Mishpaṭ.

Paragraph 2    פירוש על התוספתא מסדר הנזיקין [עם הפנים], אשר זיקק... בעל מגן אברהם על [שלחן ערוך] האורח חיים [ר' אברהם אבלי ב"ר חיים גומבינר] ... וגם פה תמצאו (תיקון לחם הפנים [חלק ראשון]... ולוח הטעות... הנדפסים [!] בק"ק הענוי [הענא] בשנת תע"ו [מאת חתנו של המחבר, ר' משה יקותיאל קופמן כ"ץ] ... ואחר תמצאו) חלק השני של (הספר... שחיבר) המחבר הלחם הפנים (על טי"ד [טור יורה דעה]), מהלכות יי"נ [יין נסך] (סימן קכג)... עד סימן תב (הלכות פסוקות אליבא דהלכתא מכל מפרשי הש"ע... וכל)... שאלות ותשובות גאוני ארץ אשר נדפסו אחר הדפסת הלחם הפנים [חלק ראשון]... וכמה חידושי דינים שלא נמצא בראשונים עם כמה חידושים [ושתי תשובות] של... בעל מגן אברהם... הנ"ל (ר' אברהם כהן... נכד מגן אברהם... שלח ידו... והוציאו לאור הדפוס... וגם לרבות... לחם הפנים [חלק ב] שחיבר... אביו)... בשנת ואני ב'ת'מ'י'ם' בטחתי אליך פדני וחננני

דף מ-ס, עם שער מיוחד: חלק שני מלחם הפנים... והובא לבית הדפוס ע"י בן המחבר... ר' אברהם כהן. עם "הקדמה מנכד... המחבר" בראש "מגן אברהם", ו"הקדמה מבן... המחבר" בראש "חלק שני מלחם הפנים". בהקדמה השנייה מספר הבן על אביו ועל חיבוריו שנשארו בכתובים. עיין: משה יקותיאל קופמן בן אביגדור הכהן (לחם הפנים).

הסכמות: ר' יחזקאל מבית קצנאלבוגין, אה"ו [אלטונא האמבורג וואנזבק], ה מרחשון תצ"ב; רבני אמשטרדם ספרדים: ר' דוד ישראל עטיאש ור' יצחק חיים ן' דנא די בריטון, יז שבט תצ"ב; רבני אמשטרדם אשכנזים: ר' יוסף ב"ר שמעון עקיבא בער ור' משה ב"ר שמעון פרנקפורט, טו שבט תצ"ב.

   BE mem 595; EJ; JE; CD-EPI 0303628
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