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Title (English)    Shevilei David Judah, Parts I & II; Ben Uri
Title (Hebrew)    שבילי דוד יהודא חלק א-ב; בן אורי
Author    [Only Ed. - Note] R. David Judah Leib Silverstein
Publisher    Israel b. Abraham Bak; Adalbert della Torre
Publication Date    1860;61;62
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   Three books in one volume. Only editions. 100; 72; [2], 54 ff., 320:208 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining, old hand on title, stamps. A very good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
Paragraph 1    The R. Akiva Joseph Schlesinger (1837–1922), copy with his inscriptiuon on title. R. Schlesinger was born in Pressburg and was a graduate of Hungarian yeshivot and a student of Kabbalah. He was one of the spokesmen of the extreme religious elements of the Hatam Sofer school of thought, which advocated complete separation from the "enlightened" and "neologic" elements. In his book Lev Ivri ("Hebrew Heart," 1865), he sharply attacked the "meshannim" and "mithaddeshim" ("innovators" and "reformers"). In 1870 R. Schlesinger went to Erez Israel out of a conviction that the sole hope for religious Jewry lay in the establishment of a religious Jewish community in the Land of Israel. In 1873 he published the book Hevrat Mahzirei Atarah le-Yoshnah or Kolel ha-Ivrim ("The Society for the Restoration of Things to Their Former Glory" or "The Community of Hebraists"), in which he expounded his plan for the establishment of a world-wide association for the consolidation of religious Jewry. This association would set up a network of schools to educate the young generation in a religious spirit; its center would be in Jerusalem and its aim would be the establishment of a Jewish community living off the fruits of its own labor and in the spirit of the Torah. In his book R. Schlesinger expressed ideas similar to those which were later adapted by the Zionist movement (collection of contributions and tithes for the upbuilding of the country, renaissance of the Hebrew language, agricultural settlement, organization of self-defense, abolition of the barriers between communities and kolelim and their amalgamation into one - Kolel ha-Ivrim). R. Schlesinger was the leader of a group of Jerusalemites who tried to change the halukkah system and divert the funds to agricultural settlement. The halukkah trustees, who feared R. Schlesinger's ideas as a threat to their hegemony, boycotted and persecuted him, and he reponded with harsh polemic. In 1878 R. Schlesinger was one of the founders of Petah Tikvah and, with the establishment of the new settlement, he called on religious Jewry to establish their own settlement movement to encompass truly religious Jews, without "heretical and outside elements."
   R. David Judah Leib Silverstein (1820-1884), Hungarian rabbi. R. Silberstein was born in Bonyhad and studied under R. Meir Ash in Ungvar (Uzhorod). He served in several communities: Ujhely (Satoraljaujhely), Senta (in Yugoslavia), and Vacz near Budapest. He also lived in Jerusalem for eight years between 1859 and 1867. He was the author of the Shevilei David (1863), on the Pentateuch, and four volumes with the same name (1862–1880) on the four sections of the Shulhan Arukh. He was in communication with the outstanding contemporary Hungarian scholars, among others, R. Moses Schick, R. Abraham Judah ha-Kohen Schwartz, R. Menahem Mendel Baneth, and R. Amram Blum. He passed on in Vacz.

Bound with: Ben Uri by R. Uri b. Mordecai Miller (d. 1879), rabbi of Brezova, Hungary, novellae on Tractate Sabbath.

Paragraph 2    ... אשר חברתי ... דוד ליב זילברשטיין מבאניהארט בן ... מו"ד, אהרן לייפניק זצוק"ל ...

[חלק א]: שבילי דוד יהודא ... על ש"ע א"ע ... ובפתיחת הספר הצגתי כלל אחד על תוכן ענין שטרות וגט וגם סניף אחד מעניני חזקה. ירושלים, דפוס ישראל ב"ק, בשנת ישלח עזרך מ'ק'ו'ד'ש' ו'מ'צ'י'ו'ן' י'סעדך [תרכ"ב], 5622. עב דף. [חלק א]: בקולופון: "נשלם ... ג חנוכה שנת א'ת'ב'ר'"ך' [תרכ"ג] פה עה"ק ירושלם ...~ דף יב, א: "ואלה דברי ... אבי ... מוהר"ר אהרן לייפניק זצוק"ל" דף סז, ב-סח, ב: "איזה ענינים מאדמ"ו ...מאיר א"ש [אייזענשטאטער] זצוק"ל ... מה"ו מנחם א"ש ... אב"ד בק"ק אונגוואר אשר התנדב ... להעלות דברי ... אביו פה על מזבח הדפוס ... גם הוא שלח אלי איזה ענינים אשר העלה בזך רעיוני עצמו ... וקראתי בשם אמרי א"ש ודברי ... אב"ד דק"ק אונגוואר ... קראתי בשם בן אש וצרפתי לזה איזה הגהות אשר עלה על לבי".

[חלק ב]: שבילי דוד ויהודא ... על ש"ע ח"מ ... ובפתיחת הספר הצגתי כלל אחד מעניני אבות נזיקין: וגם איזה סניפין מעניני חזקת ממון. ירושלים, דפוס ישראל ב"ק, בשנת ה'כ'ת'"ר' [תרכ"ה]. ק דף.

בן אורי ... חידושים ופילפולים אשר חשבתי וסדרתי... על מס' שבת... אנכי... אורי בן... כ"ה מרדכי מיללער יחי' מקוואלאפצי, ושם אמי... חנה בת מהו' אורי הכהן ז"ל...

הסכמות: ר' יוסף שאול הלוי נאטהאנזאהן, לבוב, א וירא תרכ"א; ר' יהודא אסאד, סערדאהעל, יט מנחם-אב תר"ך; ר' אלעזר הלוי איש הורוויטץ, וויען, תר"ך; ר' בירך אברהם טינטער אויסטערליץ, סקאליטץ, ע"ס [ערב סוכות] תרכ"א.

   CD-EPI 0132311; 0147953; EJ; P. Z. Schwartz, Shem ha-Gedolim me-Erez Hagar, 1; Halevy, Jerusalem Imprints 67, 116; Ujvari Peter Magyar Zsido Lexikon, Budapest 1929, p. 617
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