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Title (English)    Teshuvot Beit Hillel, Hut ha-Mesholash
Title (Hebrew)    תשובות בית הילל: חוט המשולש החדש
Author    R. Hillel Lichtenstein; R. Solomon Sofer
City    Satu Mare; Drogobych
Publisher    Zev Schwartz; Zupnik
Publication Date    1908
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [2], 58; [2], 56; [2], 56, [1], 57-105 ff., 3-18 pp. octavo 215:140 mm., nice margins, usual age staining, bound in later boards, rubbed.
   Two important independent works by prominent rabbis, the first Teshuvot Beit Hillel by R. Hillel ben Baruch Bendet Lichtenstein, the second a multi-part biography by R. Solomon ben Abraham Samuel Benjamin Sofer.

Teshuvot Beit Hillel consists of one hundred twenty-six responsa by R. Hillel ben Baruch Bendet Lichtenstein (1815–1891). R. Lichtenstein was one of the outstanding pupils of R. Moses Sofer. He first served as rabbi of Margarethen and in 1854 was elected rabbi of Kolozsvar, the capital of Transylvania. After 18 months he was compelled to leave the locality without officially assuming office, owing to his opposition to Abraham Friedman, rabbi of Transylvania, and because of the internal frictions in the community which were aggravated as a result. His refusal to go to Gyulafehérvár (Alba-Julia), where the district rabbi had his seat, to receive his sanction to take up his post, as was then the custom, served as the formal reason for his departure. Between 1865 and 1867 he was rabbi of Szikszó, also in Hungary. He then moved to Galicia and became rabbi of Kolomyya (Kolomea). Lichtenstein was one of the dominant figures of the Orthodox community in their struggle with the reformers both before and after the great schism of 1869. He fought against any suspicion of reform in the life of the Jews, and sharply criticized those Orthodox Jews, including rabbis, who inclined to any kind of innovation in religious practices. He especially attacked those who attempted to preach in German, and even censured R. Azriel Hildesheimer on this account. Lichtenstein's pupils also served as uncompromising fighters against religious reforms. At rabbinical conventions in Hungary, called on his initiative, the main principles of extremist Orthodoxy for Hungarian Jewry were laid down. The first convention of this kind assembled in Sátoraljaújhely in 1864 but the main one took place in 1866 in Nagymihály (Michalovce) where resolutions were adopted excommunicating Reform Judaism and any rabbi preaching in German or any other European language. Ten takkanot were also enacted, which to this day serve as the basis of the separation between Orthodox Jews and reformers in Hungary.

Hut ha-Mesholsh by R. Solomon ben Abraham Samuel Benjamin Sofer is biographies of members of the renowned Sofer family, R. Moses Sofer (Hatam Sofer), his son R. Abraham Samuel Sofer, and R. Akiva Eger, the father-in-law of R. Moses Sofer and the most prominent decisor of his time. There is a separate title page before the section on the family of R. Akiva Eger

Paragraph 2    תשובות בית הילל חלק ראשון מס' הלכות קטנות, מאת הרב... מו"ה הילל ל"ש זצ"ל... אב"ד דק"ק קאלאמיא. כולל מכתבים במילי דשמיא, סגולות ורפואות... עצה... להמשיך לבות ישראל לקיום התורה... נקבצו באו לבית הדפוס ע"י נכדו חיים יעקב ליכטענשטיין, סאטמאר...

הסכמה: ר' יודא גו"ו [גרינוואלד], סאטמאר, ה אלול תרס"ח.

חוט המשולש החדש גדול הרבה באיכות וכמות הוצאה חדשה זו ...

דף קג-קה,א: דברי הספד על ר' יצחק יהודה ליב סופר מדראהאביטש, אחיו של המחבר. דף קה,ב: ימי יאהרצייט של אבותי ואמותי ועוד גדולי משפחתי. עמ' ג-יח: הספד על ר' שמחה בונם סופר, אחיו של המחבר.

   BE het 279; EJ; CD-EPI 0144455; 0153701
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