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Title (English)    Marpeh Le-Nefesh: Me’il Tzedekah
Title (Hebrew)    מרפא לנפש; מעיל צדקה
Author    R. Aaron Berechiah ben Moses of Modena
City    Venice
Publisher    Bragadina
Publication Date    1748
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   70 ff., 185:126 mm., light age and damp staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards.
   Two works printed and bound together. The first title is Marpeh Le-Nefesh, is comprehensive prayers for the sick, death-bed, burial, and mourning rites according to the customs of Ferrara, printed in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the Marpeh Le-Nefesh Society. It is to be kept with them day and night, continuously, so that they might learn to keep and do all that which is written in it. The title page is dated with the verse, “for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success” (Joshua 1:8). The text is in a single column in square vocalized letters, excepting instructive material, which is unvocalized. The volume begins with a prayer to be recited when going to visit someone who is ill and concludes with prayers for the deceased. Marpeh Le-Nefesh is taken from R. Aaron Berechiah ben Moses of Modena’s Ma'avar Yabbok on the same subject. The second work, which has its own title page but begins on 40a, it continues the foliation from Marpeh Le-Nefesh, is an arrangement of biblical verses to be recited daily by R. Aaron Berechiah ben Moses of Modena. Both works have an attractive tail-piece at the end.

R. Aaron Berechiah ben Moses of Modena was an Italian Kabbalist (d. 1639). He was a pupil of R. Hillel of Modena and of R. Menahem Azariah of Fano. At the request of the Hebrah Kaddisha at Mantua he wrote Ma'avar Yabbok. To avert possible criticism for failing to discuss the subject matter philosophically, he makes use of the statement of R. Isaac Arama in his Akedat Yizhak: "Reason must surrender some of its rights to the divine revelations which are superior to it." Other works written by him are: Ashmoret ha-Boker (The Watches of the Morning), prayers to be said in the early morning, arranged for the society called Me'ire ha-Shahar (Awakeners of the Morning), and therefore also published under this name. A commentary onTikkune ha-Zohar; Hibbur be-Kabbalah, a work on the Kabbalah, consisting of four volumes: (a) Shemen Mishht Kodesh (The Oil of Holy Anointment), on the principles of the Kabbala according to R. Moses Cordovero and R. Isaac Luria; (b) Shemen Zait Zak (The Pure Oil of the Olive), public addresses on the same subject; (c) Shetil Poreah (The Blossoming Plant), on the mysterious meaning of prayers and ceremonies; (d) Imre Shefer (Words of Beauty), and miscellaneous matter; this whole work was seen in manuscript by Azulai at Modena, and is found in parts in some libraries; Magen Aharon (Shield of Aaron), containing a compendium of R. Luria's works. This fertile writer is said to have been, like R. Joseph Caro, in constant communion with a spirit called the Maggid.

Paragraph 2    כסדר שנוהגים בעיר פירארא... נדפס לתשוקת... חברת מרפא לנפש מעיר הנ"ל...,p> תפילות ווידויים לחולים ולנפטרים, מלוקטים מספר מעבר יבק לר' אהרן ברכיה ממודינה. עם "הנהגות מהרב... בעל ספר מעבר יבק [אהרן ברכיה ממודינה]"; סדר הוידוי לפי מנהג פירארא; וידוי שכיב מרע להרמב"ן; תפלה ופסוקים לאומרם בשעת הרחיצה; "פסוקים בעת רחיצת אדם גדול"; צדוק הדין; סדר השכבה (גם לאשה ולילד). דפים לט-ע, עם שער מיוחד: ספר מעיל צדקה כסדר שנוהגים בעיר פירארא... הלא הוא סדר הגדת הפסוקים מאנ"ך [אורייתא נביאי כתובי] אשר סידר... ר' אהרן ברכיה בכהח"ר משה מודונה... קולופון: "על ידי הנצב על המלאכה בנימין בכ"ר אהרן פולאקו".
   Michael, Or ha-Hayyim, No. 280; Vin Venice 1855; CD-EPI 0306453
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