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Title (English)    Yede Moshe
Title (Hebrew)    ידי משה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Moses ben Simeon ha-Kohen
City    Djerba
Publication Date    1943
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [4], 134 ff. octavo 205:125 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary board, rubbed.
   Rare and likely only edition of these novellae on the first chapter of tractate Pesahim by R. Moses ben Simeon ha-Kohen Dreihem Sephardi Tohor (1904-1966). On the verso of the title page is a presentation page, with a line left blank to fill in the name of the recipient. Yede Moshe has approbations from rabbis in Djerba, an introduction from the author in which he informs that he has printed his novellae on the the first chapter of Pesahim expresses the prayer that he will be able to print his novellae on the remainder of the tractate. Chapter 1 deals with the "search" for leaven (bedikat ḥameẓ) and its removal prior to the festival of Passover.

Tractate Pesahim, the title refers to the paschal lambs, is the third tractate in the Mishnah, Tosefta, and two Talmuds, of the order Mo'ed. Pesahim deals, in ten chapters, with the laws concerning the Passover festival. Pesaḥ refers primarily to the paschal sacrifice, but was applied also to the festival itself. This tractate deals with both subjects, the sacrificial service (chaps. 5–9), leavened and unleavened bread (chaps. 1–4), and the seder (chap. 10). In geonic times the tractate was still divided correspondingly into two parts called Pesaḥ Rishon and Pesaḥ Sheni. The two parts were afterwards combined and given the name Pesaḥim (in the plural). In the Munich manuscript, the tenth chapter appears as the fourth, so that the "practical" chapters follow one another consecutively. There is clear evidence that the two parts of this tractate were not redacted in the same school, and there are definite differences between them. They contain conflicting topics and even those which are similar differ in details and even halakhically. The redaction of the tractate Pesaḥim took place relatively later than that of the other tractates and its Talmud already utilized the edited Talmud of many other tractates. The mishnayot of the second part are very old and refer to events from the time of the Second Temple and the early authorities. The Mishnah of the first part, though it is of later redaction, contains halakhot which were a subject of dispute between the latest of the zugot and the first of the tannaim, as can be proved from the parallel passages.

Paragraph 2    ... שיטה על פרקא קמא דמסכת פסחים... מידי... משה בכמה"ר ר' שמעון הכהן... בשנת י'ש'מ'ח' מ'ש'ה'

הסכמות: ר' יוסף בוכ'ריץ, ר' רחמים חי חויתה ב"ר חנינה הכהן, ר' כ'לפון משה הכהן ור' חיים חורי, [ג'רבה]; ר' מכ'לוף עידאן, [ג'רבה]; ר' שמעון (ב"ר כ'ליפ'ה) הכהן [דריהם], צפאקס, אבי המחבר.

   EJ; CD-EPI 0140749
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