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Title (English)    Mahzor Vitry
Title (Hebrew)    מחזור ויטרי
Author    R. Simhah b. Samuel of Vitry
City    Nuernberg
Publisher    Isaac Bulka
Publication Date    1923
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Second edition. [8], 220-2; [2], 799-4, [3], 815-803, [1]; [5], 85-2, [3] pp., 250:163 mm., wide margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound in later cloth boards.
   Mahzor Vitry, halakhic-liturgical composition by R. Simhah b. Samuel of Vitry, a small town in the department of Marne, France. R. Simhah was an outstanding pupil, or even a colleague, of Rashi and apparently died during his teacher's lifetime (i.e., before 1105 – see Gross, Gallia Judaica, 196). His son Samuel married Rashi's granddaughter and he was the grandfather of the famous tosafist, R. Isaac of Dampierre (Urbach, Tosafot, 115). Like his colleague R. Shemaiah, Rashi's secretary, he occupied himself with the arrangement of his master's halakhic rulings, and later authorities sometimes confused their names. There is however no basis for the assumption of some scholars that there existed two works, one by R. Shemaiah and one by R. Simhah, both entitled Mahzor Vitry (Urbach, ibid., 33). Mahzor Vitry belongs to the group of works from the school of Rashi (e.g., the Pardes, Sefer ha-Orah, Siddur Rashi) which are based upon Rashi's rulings and usages, but which are expanded with additions from other authorities, sometimes even discussing and criticizing their views, in order to defend those of Rashi. Mahzor Vitry is in the form of a halakhic-liturgical work, the purpose of which was to give the halakhic rulings of the liturgy for the whole circle (mahzor) of the year, weekdays, Sabbaths, and festivals, and connect them with the accepted formula of the prayers. The fact that it also includes laws of Sabbath, eruv , marriage, and ritual slaughter makes it wider in scope than the siddurim of Rav Amram and R. Saadiah Gaon, which were also sent to various communities at their request. The Mahzor Vitry, referred to by 13th-century authorities, such as the Sefer Mitzvot Gadol of R. Moses b. Jacob of Coucy (Positive Commandments 27) and the Or Zaru'a (part 1, p. 55) of R. Isaac b. Moses of Vienna exist in various versions which differ considerably from one another both in scope and arrangement. Apparently it gained instant acceptance and it was enlarged, as was the custom of that time, by successive additions. The published edition (by S. Hurwitz, 1889, 1923) is from the London manuscript (Margolioth, Cat, no. 655) containing many additions, some indicated by the letter ת, most of them apparently from R. Isaac b. Durbal, a contemporary of R. Jacob Tam, but also including later responsa and extracts from the Sefer ha-Terumah of R. Baruch b. Isaac. It reflects the state of the work in the 13th and 14th centuries. The Oxford manuscript (Bodleian Library, Ms. Opp. 59) omits most of these additions in those fragments preserved in two manuscripts. On the other hand, they contain compilations which have no connection with the mahzor.
Paragraph 2    ... (עם מבוא וקונטרס הפיוטים). נערך ונסדר מחדש ... ע"י המו"ל (יצחק בולקא) [בכרך אחד].

דפוס-צילום של ברלין תרמ"ט-תרנ"ז, בהשמטת שערי-הסידרה, ובתוספת: דברים אחדים למהדורא השניה של המחזור ויטרי ... [מאת] המו"ל (יצחק בולקא).

   S. Hurwitz and A. Berliner, Mafte'aḥ u-Mavo le-Mahzor Vitry, in: S. Hurwitz (ed.), Mahzor Vitry le-rabbenu Simhah, (1923); EJ; CD-EPI 0180917
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