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Title (English)    Amudei ha-Torah
Title (Hebrew)    עמודי התורה
Author    R. Isaac Haver; R. Abraham ben Solomon Zalman
City    Jerusalem
Publisher    Solomon
Publication Date    1880
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 72 pp. quarto 200:150 mm., usual age staining, wide margins, bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.
   Only edition of this commentary on R. Abraham ben Solomon Zalman’s Ma’a lot ha-Torah by R. Isaac Eisik Haver Wildman. R. Abraham ben Solomon Zalman was the brother of the Vilna Gaon, noted on the title page, which notes that Ma’a lot ha-Torah had been frequently printed previously and many had quenched their thirst with his holy words. Or ha-Torah, the accompanying commentary, explains the words of Hazal in Ma’a lot ha-Torah, and the words of the Ari (R. Isaac Luria) and of the Vilna Gaon. There are approbations from R. Samuel Salant and from R. Joshua Leib Diskin. The text is in two columns in rabbinic letters, Ma’a lot ha-Torah in the inner column Or ha-Torah in the outer column. R. Isaac Eisik Haver Wildman (1789–1853), rabbi in Poland-Lithuania. He served as rabbi in the communities of Rozinoi, Volkovysk, Tikocyn, Siauliai, and Suwalk. In addition to his eminence in halakhah, he was a kabbalist in the tradition of the school of *Elijah b. Solomon Zalman , the Gaon of Vilna, and wrote Magen ve-Ẓinnah (Koenigsberg, 1855), a defense of Kabbalah against the attacks of R. Judah Leone Modena 's Ari Nohem. Wildmann was a prolific writer in both halakhah and Kabbalah. His works include Beit Yizhak (Suwalk, 1836), on the negative and positive commandments; Binyan Olam, responsa on halakhah (Warsaw, 1851); Beit Olamim (1889) on the Idra Rabba, a part of the Zohar; Yad Ḥazakah (1842), a commentary on the Passover Haggadah; Pitḥei She'arim (1888), a detailed exposition of R. Isaac Luria 's kabbalistic system; Be'er Yizhak (1889), a commentary on the rabbinical collectanea Likkutei ha-Gra of the Gaon of Vilna.

R. Abraham ben Solomon Zalman Ragoler (18th century), Lithuanian rabbi and preacher, brother of R. Elijah b. Solomon Zalman Gaon of Vilna. Abraham was born in Vilna, but because of the controversy between Ḥasidim and Mitnaggedim he moved to Ragola and was thereafter called Abraham of Ragola or "the Ḥasid ("righteous one") of Ragola." He was appointed preacher in Shklov. He was the author of the Ma'alot ha-Torah (1828), a collection of rabbinic dicta dealing with the virtue of those who occupy themselves with the study of Torah. While explaining in detail the precepts of Torah study, he stressed that it is not sufficient "merely to study the text superficially, but it is also essential to carry it out in practice." He left in manuscript a kabbalistic commentary to the tractate Megillah and a commentary to the Book of Esther.

Paragraph 2    הכולל בתוכו ספר מעלות התורה מהגאון ... אברהם זצוק"ל אחי ... הגר"א ... ונלוה אליו ספר אור תורה, להאיר אור במאמרי חז"ל המבוארים בדברי הגאון מעה"ת בהרחבת ביאור ... מחכמת האמת מהאר"י החי זצוק"ל וממרן הקדוש הגר"א ז"ל. ונכלל בתוכו כמה כללים גדולים ומועילים, וענינים שונים ... בכללי החכמה הקדושה. חברו הגאון ... מוהרי"צ אייזיק חבר זצ"ל אבד"ק טיקטין וסובאלק ... הוצאתיו לאור אנכי חתנו יצחק צבי הלוי מסטאוויסק ...

דף [2]: "הקדמת המו"ל ס' אור תורה". "מעלות התורה" ו"אור תורה" נדפסו עמודה מול עמודה. דף נ,ב-עב: "אמר המגיה [ר' יצחק צבי הלוי מסטאוויסק] יען שראיתי שהגאון ... לקט ... כל המקומות שנמצא ... במעלות ת"ת ... ראיתי לחבר עליו עוד מעט ... מה שלא הזכירם ... ולבארם". עם הסכמות ר' שמואל סלאנט, ירושלם, ערב ראש חודש אלול תר"ם; ר' משה יהושע יהודא ליב [דיסקין], ירושלם י סיון תר"ם.

   BE ayin 874, men 2841; Halevy, Jerusalem, p. 140 n. 352; EJ; CD-EPI 0106892
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