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Title (English)    Etz ha-Da’at Tov
Title (Hebrew)    עץ הדעת טוב
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Uzziel ben Zevi Hirsch Meisels
City    Warsaw
Publisher    N. Schriftgisser
Publication Date    1863
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 61 ff. folio 317:190 mm., light age and damp staining, nice margins. A very good copy loose in later boards, rubbed and split.
   Only edition of these novellae on tractate Ketubbot by R. Uzziel ben Zevi Hirsch Meisels. The title page praises R. Meisels and refers to several of his other works, as well as noting his distinguished genealogy. It further informs that R. Meisels, whose Torah, piety, and holiness enlightened the face of the world, that he raised many students in both niglah and nistar (revealed and esoteric Torah), and that in only half his days he was called to heaven, in the year “You shall arise תקום (546 = 1786) and have mercy upon Zion” (Psalms 102:14). Etz ha-Da’at Tov is dated “May the Lord grant us the merit to bring to light more works of rabbenu Uzziel. There are approbations from R. Dov Berish Meisels, R. Isaac Meir Alter of Ger, R. Isaiah Moscat, R. Yosha Heschel Ashkenazi, and R. Jacob Ari Radzimin, R. Jacob David ben Isaac, an introduction, and the novellae.

R. Uzziel ben Zevi Hirsch Meisels (1743–1785 or 1786) was a hasidic rabbi in Poland. R. Meisels was a member of an old rabbinic family in Poland, and a descendant of R. Moses Isserles whom he calls "my grandfather" in his works. He served as av bet din in Rychwal (Bogatynia), Ostrowiec, and Nowy Dwor. Attracted to Ḥasidism he became a disciple of R. Dov Baer , the Maggid of Mezhirech, and with his brother R. Isaac became one of the propagators of Ḥasidism in Poland. A considerable portion of his teachings in the yeshivah has been lost. His works include Eẓ ha-Da'at Tov, novellae on tractates Ketubbot (1863) and Shabbat (1866); Menorah ha-Tehorah (1883/84), on Tur, Oraḥ Ḥayyim, Hilkhot Shabbat; and Tiferet Ẓevi (1803), on tractate Beẓah. The rest were published post-humously by his grandchildren in Tiferet Uzzi'el. This work includes selections on the Bible and moralistic ḥasidic sermons, combined with kabbalistic themes, though even these reflect the style of the halakhist, and contains many sayings of the founders of Ḥasidism. Meisels was called עבד ה׳ ("Servant of the Lord"), eved being the initial letters of Uzziel ben Dreizel (his mother's name).

Paragraph 2    ... אשר חידש... ר' עוזיאל מייזלש זצוקללה"ה... בן... מו"ה צבי זללה"ה... בהרב... יצחק זצ"ל... ואור תורתו... בק"ק ריטשוואל, ואוסטראווצי, וע"ח [עיר חדש]... נתבקש לשמי רום בשנת אתה ת'ק'ו'ם' [תקמ"ו]... בן אחיו וחתן המחבר... נתן לבו... לאסוף ולקבץ ולהעתיק הכתבי קודש... הוא ניהו... מהו' נתן מאיר נ"י בן... מו"ה יצחק מייזלש זצ"ל... [1]-2.

על מסכת כתובות. בשנת כן יזכנו ה' להוציא לא'ור יתר ח'י'ב'ו'ר'י' ר'ב'י'נ'ו' ע'ו'ז'י'א'ל' [תרכ"ג]. סא דף.

הסכמות: ר' דוב בעריש מייזלש, ווארשא, ז תמוז תרכ"ג; ר' יצחק מאיר בהרב מוהר"י [ר' ישראל אלטער], ווארשא, כז תמוז תרכ"ב; - [1] ר' ישעיה מושקאט, פראגא, ערב ראש-חודש מנחם אב תרכ"ב; ר' יושע העשיל אשכנזי, לובלין, כה סיון תרכ"ב; ר' יעקב ארי' [גוטערמאן] מראדזימין, ווארשא, כד תמוז תרכ"ב; ר' יעקב דוד ב"ר יצחק [קאליש] מאמשינאוו, ווארשא, ב אלול תרכ"ב; ר' יהודה ליב אייגער מלובלין, כו סיון תרכ"ב.

   BE ayin 1012a; EJ; CD-EPI 0147727
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