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Title (English)    Gur Aryeh
Title (Hebrew)    גור אריה
Author    [Kotsk Dynasty Copy] R. Judah Aryeh Leib of Kalisz
City    Amsterdam
Publisher    Hirtz Lefi Rofe
Publication Date    1733
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 28, [2], 8 ff. folio 305:195 mm., light age staining, stamps, corners rounded. A good copy bound in modern boards.
Paragraph 1    The Kotsk Dynasty family copy with stamps of several members of this noted Hasidic group.
   Only edition of this commentary on the weekly Torah reading by R. Judah Aryeh Leib ben David of Kalisz. Printed with Gur Aryeh is Bedek ha-Bayit on hilkhot Gittin and halitzah by R. Abraham Hayyim Shor. Gur Aryeh has a very attractive title page comprised of a pillared frame with a crown at the top and below it a laver. At the bottom of the frame are two additional lavers, symbolic of the large basin used by the Levi in ritual ablutions of the Kohen prior to his duties. The title pages states that it is the work of “the son of a brave man, of Kabzeel, who had done many deeds” (I Chronicles 11:22), gathered and spread Torah publicly and raised many talmidim and that R. Judah Aryeh Leib was av bet din and rosh mesivta in many holy communities and lastly in Amsterdam. Gur Aryeh is brought to press by his son, R. David, who has included many desirable additions. There are approbations from R. Judah Leib of Cracow, R. Isaac Landau of Zolkiew, and R. Jacob ben Isaac of Posen; and from R. Joseph ben Simeon Akiva Baer and R. Moses ben Simeon of Frankfort. Published with Gur Aryeh is Bedek ha-Bayyit by R. Judah Aryeh Leib’s grandfather, R. Abraham Hayyim Shor, with its separate foliation.

R. Judah Aryeh Leib ben David of Kalisz (d. 1709) was a rabbi and author, also called Leib Kalish. He was a grandson of R. Joel Sirkes and R. Abraham R. Ḥayyim Schor, the author of Torat Hayyim (Lublin, 1624). He served as rabbi and rosh yeshivah in the communities of Kremsier (Moravia) and Lobsens (Posen) for 22 years, and Kalisz. In 1708 he accepted an invitation to become the rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Amsterdam, but he died a year and a half later. He was succeeded in the rabbinate of Amsterdam by R. Ẓevi Hirsch b. Jacob Ashkenazi (the Ḥakham Ẓevi). Many of Judah Aryeh Leib's aggadic novellae are mentioned in the introduction to Shama Shelomo (Amsterdam, 1710) by R. Solomon Algazi . His responsa have remained in manuscript.

Paragraph 2    אשר חיבר ותיקן... הגאון... אשר היה אב"ד ור"מ בכמ' קהלות קדושו' במדינות פולין ובסוף ימיו היה אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק אמשטרדם, מהור"ר יהודה אריה בן ... ר' דוד זצוק"ל, נין ונכד... בעל בית חדש [ר' יואל סירקיש] ובעל תור' חיים [ר' אברהם חיים ב"ר צבי הירש שור] חתן... ר' ברוך קרפליס זצ"ל. והם דרשות... על חמשה חומשי תורה ועל כמה גמרות ומדרשים תמוהים... ובקונטריס האחרון בדק הבית פלפולים וחידושי דינים מהגאון בעל תורת חיים על טור אבן העזר (הלכות גיטין, מיאון וחליצה)... הובא לבית הדפוס ע"י ברא כרעא דאבוהי... ר' דוד נר"ו ובתוספת כמה וכמה חידושים... משלו... וע"י ב"ד [?] מהור"ר יצחק ב"ה ספר יפה מראה [?]...

הסכמות: ר' יהודא ליב [ב"ר יצחק אייזיק] מקראקא, ר' יצחק לנדא מזאלקוויא ור' יעקב ב"ר יצחק מפוזנן, ראש-חודש אדר-א תפ"ט; רבני אמשטרדם: ר' יוסף ב"ר שמעון עקיבה בער ור' משה ב"ר שמעון פרנקפורט, כד אדר תצ"ג.

   BE bet 134; CD-EPI 0138654
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