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Title (English)    Group of 10 early US imprints
Title (Hebrew)    10 ספרי ארצות הברית
Author    [Only Ed.]
City    New York; St. Louis; Chicago
Publisher    Various
Publication Date    1899-28
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Various sizes, generally in good conditions, bound in the original boards.
   1. Bekurei Anavim, בכורי ענבים, R. Simon Isaac Finkelstein, Chicago, Eliezer Meites, 1899 - Discourses in Talmudic studies delivered in sermons by R. Simon Isaac b. Judah Zevi ha-Levi Finkelstein (1861-1947). R. Finkelstein was born in Slobodka and educated in the yeshivot of Kovno. He arrived in America in 1887 and served as pulpit rabbi in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Syracuse, and finally Brooklyn's Brownsville also know as Jerusalem de-America. He was active in many rabbinical organizations and wrote several scholarly works. - Deinard 92; Mishkin, Chicago 29; CD-EPI 0179858; HPA 705.

2. Gedulat Mordecai, גדולת מרדכי, R. Moses Mordecai Rivkind, Chicago, Hayyim Leib Meites, 1904 - Commentary on the weekly portion of Genesis and a responsum on the direction one is to face during prayer by R. Moses Mordecai Israel b. Gedalyahu Rivkind (d. >1941). He was born in Daugavpils where his father was a shohet. R. Rivkind studied under R Meir Simhah Ha-Kohen in Bialystock and ordained by R. Yehiel Mechel Wolfson in 1888. He served in many rabbinical positions - all ended in disagreement when he sought to express his authority as rabbi. - HPA 723; Deinard 253; CD-EPI 0166437.

3. Minhat Sofer, מנחת סופר, R. Menahem ha-Kohen Schoenbrun, New York, A. H. Rosenberg, 1909 - Thirteen homilies on the Genesis by R. Menahem b. Abraham ha-Kohen Schoenbrun (d. 1943). Born in Velke Kapusany, Hungary, he was educated in Hungarian yeshivot and served in the rabbinate of Cleveland, Scranton, and Bridgeport. - CD-EPI 0176344; HPA 727 (first edition of Cleveland 1906).

4. Siddur Bet Judah, סדור בית יהודה, R. Judah Leib Gordon, Editor, New York, Jewish Press Publishing, 1912 - Liturgy for the entire year following the rite of Ashkenaz with a Yiddish commentary. Pirkei Avot is provided with a Yiddish translation. The editor, R. Judah Leib b. Meir Gordon, was a rabbi in Allentown, PA. - Wachs 824; Not in HPA, CD-EPI 0317100.

5. Ikvei Yizthok, עקבי יצחק, R. Isaac Jacob Tiktinski, New York, A.H. Rosenberg, 1913, Dedication inscription by Author on fly. - Twelve homilies by R. Isaac Jacob b. Moses Manahem Tiktinski (1879-1924), rabbi and author. - CD-EPI 0134595; HPA 751.

6. Or Liphnei ha-Dorshim, אור לפני הדורשים, R. B. Z. Eisenstadt, New York, A. H. Rosenberg, 1916 - Homilies by R. Benzion Eisenstadt (1873–1951), rabbi and rabbinic historian. He was born in Kletsk, Belorussia. In his youth he was attracted to modern Hebrew literature and while in his teens corresponded with Jewish scholars, such as Slonimski and Buber. While still in Russia he published Zioni (Warsaw, 1895; Parts 2–4, Vilna 1899–1902), a biographical dictionary of contemporary rabbis and scholars, and Rabbanei Minsk va-Hakhameha, on the rabbis and scholars of Minsk (Vilna, 1899), as well as Ve-Zot li-Yehudah (1901), annotations on Noda bi-Yehudah, the responsa of R. Ezekiel Landau. In 1903 he emigrated to the U.S. where, in addition to talmudic works, he continued to publish biographical works on well-known rabbis, scholars and communal leaders. They include Hakhmei Yisrael be-Amerikah (with photographs, 1903), Dorot ha-Aharonim (2 vols., 1913, 1917), Anshei ha-Shem Be-Arzot ha-Brit (1933) and, posthumously Benei Hiyyon (1952). - CD-EPI 0109352; HPA 775.

7. Tiferet Yedidyah, תפארת ידידיה, R. Saul Yedidyah Shochet, St. Louis, Moinester Printing Co., 1923 - Responsa and novellae by R. Saul Yedidyah b. Abraham Hayyim Shochet was born in Old Zagare, Kovno Province, in 1860, however, he writes that in 1921 that he was sixty years old, which makes his birthday as 5622 [1862]). He was ordained by R. Isaac Elhanan Spektor, R. Moses Danishevsky and R. Moses Bezalel Lurie. He served as a rabbi for four­teen years in a number of Russian communities before immigrating to Hull, England, in 5665 [1905]. After serving as a rabbi there for one year, he proceeded to America and occupied pulpits in Perth Amboy (NJ), Kansas City (MO), Louisville and finally, in 5676 [1916], Chicago. - CD-EPI 0168941, HPA 638.

8. Ner Ma'aravi, נר מערבי, R. Hayyim Kaplan, editior, (Complete Press), New York, 1925 - Collection of scholarly articles by staff and students of Yeshivat R. Isaac Elhanan. - CD-EPI 0184707, HPA 662.

9. Perushei Ivrah, פירושי איברא, R. Joseph E. Henkin, [New York], [1925] - R. Joseph Elijah b. Eliezer Kolonymus Henkin (1881-1973) was born in Klimovichi, Belorussia, where his father was head of the yeshivah. Leaving his native town, he studied for six years at the yeshivah of Slutsk under R. Isser-Zalman Meltzer, who together with R. Baruch Baer Leibowitz and R. Jechiel Michael Epstein ordained him. After serving as rabbi in Kavkazskaya and as head of the yeshivah in Sokolov, R. Henkin emigrated to the United States in 1922 and settled in New York City. In 1925 he was appointed director of Ezras Torah, an organization founded in 1915 by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis to provide assistance to rabbinical scholars in war-torn Europe. Under his direction, Ezras Torah expanded into a general charity distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to thousands of needy persons. R. Henkin was continually called upon to decide points of Jewish law. He was particularly authoritative on divorce procedure and on laws of Sabbath as they relate to the new technology. - CD-EPI 0127389; EJ; Toldot Anshei Shem p. 38.

10. Siddur Sefat Yehudah, סדור שפת יהודה, R. Judah Leib Lazarov, New York, Oriam Press, 1928 - Daily prayerbook with Yiddish commentary by R. Judah Leib Lazarov (1875-1939). He was born in Varniai, Kovno Province, and studied in Telz, Mir, Volozhin and Radun. He served as an itinerant preacher in Lithuania before immigrating to America in 5658 [1898]. He was hired as the preacher of New York's Bet Hamidrash Hayyei Adam Anshei Minsk (89 Henry St.) in 5663 [1903] and he became the spiritual leader of Beth Hamidrash Hagadol some time after 5670 [1910]. In addition to being "among the Yiddish preachers of renown", R. Lazarov also founded religious schools and authored many volumes in Yiddish and Hebrew. A lengthy Yiddish work remained in manuscript when he died in 1939 in Patterson, NJ. (Lazarov may be the same individual as R. Louis Lazarow, a rabbi in Brooklyn and a member of the Jewish Ministers' Association of America; though R. Lazarov specifically averred that he was not a rav, i.e., a rabbi who was qualified to make judgments of Jewish law [p. 3], the Jewish Ministers' Association did include preachers among its members.) - CD-EPI 0320731.

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