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Title (English)    Group of 10 early US imprints
Author    [Only Ed.] Various
City    New York - St. Louis - Warsaw
Publisher    Various
Publication Date    1902-31
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   Various sizes and conditions.
   1. Nehamot Israel - נחמות ישראל - R. Nathan Brenner; New York; Ozer Yust; 1902 - Only edition. Published as a sample of Author's manuscript, which contained hundreds of sermons (p. 5). The Jewish of community of Philadelphia is referred to as "the Jerusalem of Philadelphia" (pp. 3;" 6). No other sermons were published. R. Nathan b. Soloman Zalamn Abba Brenner (1860-1939) was born in the Russian Empire. He studied in Kovno and was ordained by R. Abraham M. Rabinowitz. He served as a rabbi in Lithuania before being forced to leave in 1893 (p. 5). He settled in America and occupied a pulpit in Philadelphia. - CD-EPI 0129931; HPA 715; Deinard 577

2. Torat Meir - תורת מאיר - R. Meyer Freeman; New York; A. H. Rosenberg; 1904 - Only edition. Novellae by R. Meyer Freeman (b. 1843). He studied in various yeshivot before enrolling in the yeshivah in Volozhin at the age of sixteen. Two years later he transferred to the yeshivah of R. Mordekhai Hirsch in Kalwaria, Poland. He immigrated to America at the age of twenty and became a shohet. He lived in New York and maintained hevrutot (regular study partnerships) with R. Zevi b. Nehemiah Katz (in the Mariampoler congregation) and R. Solomon Siskind (preacher of the AlIen St. synagogue). He traveled to the Land of Israel in 1888. While there he was arrested by Ottoman authorities, necessitating American diplomatic intervention. Freeman had a butcher shop on New York's Lower East Side in 1900. Freeman was active in local communal affairs. He served as the president of Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of New York and was a founder of the Association of American Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, which sought to bring a chief rabbi to New York. He later served as the president of Congo Talmud Torah, 221 E. 51" St. Dismayed that he "found ... no Torah" in his neighborhood, Freeman donated "a few thousand dollars" to build a synagogue and study hall with a seating capacity of seven hundred. - CD-EPI 0159605; HPA 596

3. Divre Yehudah, Part 1-3 - דברי יהודה חלק א-ג - R. Judah Leib Lazarov; New York; Joel Aronson; 1910 - Only edition. Anti reform homilies and lectures on the Pentateuch by R. Judah Leib Lazarov (1875-1939). He was born in Varniai, Kovno Province, and studied in Telz, Mir, Volozhin and Radun. He served as an itinerant preacher in Lithuania before immigrating to America in 5658 [1898]. He was hired as the preacher of New York's Bet Hamidrash Hayyei Adam Anshei Minsk (89 Henry St.) in 5663 [1903] and he became the spiritual leader of Beth Hamidrash Hagadol some time after 5670 [1910]. In addition to being "among the Yiddish preachers of renown", R. Lazarov also founded religious schools and authored many volumes in Yiddish and Hebrew. A lengthy Yiddish work remained in manuscript when he died in 1939 in Patterson, NJ. (Lazarov may be the same individual as R. Louis Lazarow, a rabbi in Brooklyn and a member of the Jewish Ministers' Association of America; though R. Lazarov specifically averred that he was not a rav, i.e., a rabbi who was qualified to make judgments of Jewish law [p. 3], the Jewish Ministers' Association did include preachers among its members.) - CD-EPI 0141893 (wrong pagination); HPA 735

4. Kol Yehudah - קול יהודה -R. Judah Leib Lazarov; New York; Joel Aronson; 1911 - Only edition. Commentary to Seder Zeraim. See above. CD-EPI 0141894; HPA 610

5. Darash Darash Moshe - דרש דרש משה - R. Moses Weinberger; New York; Moses Philip; 1914 - Only edition. Homilies by R. Moses b. Issachar Dov Weinberger was born in Zobro, Hungary on Lag B'Omer May 5, 1852, and passed on in New York on the second day of Shavu'ot June 13, 1940. An erudite talmudical scholar, trained in European Yeshivot, he immigrated to America in 1840. Initially he served as rabbi in Philadelphia before relocating to New York City where he was the rabbi and spiritual leader of the Hungarian Synagogue. - CD-EPI 0131118; HPA 762

6. Shemen Turk - שמן תורק - R. Solomon Michael Neches; Pittsburgh; Glick Print; 1916 - Only edition. Homiletics by R. Solomon Michael b. Isaac Neches (1891-1954), rabbi. He was born in Jerusalem and educated in the Ez Hayyim Yeshiva, where he was ordained. He came to America in 1910 and served as rabbi in Brooklyn followed by Pittsburgh 1913-1918, Columbus 1918-1921, and in Los Angeles from 1921 till his passing. The work contains 11 speeches with a modern flair that were delivered in Pittsburgh. R. Neches sought to attract all types of Jews into the fold and found a good thing to say about all, including Reform Jews. - CD-EPI 0152661; Deinard 822; HPA 781

7. Matteh Yehudah - מטה יהודה - R. Judah Leib Lazarov; New York; [Alpha Press]; 1921 - Only edition. Homiletics. See above. - CD-EPI 0309284; HPA 839

8. Devar leYa'akov - דבר ליעקב - R. Jacob b. Abraham ha-Kohen Flakser, St. Louis, Moinester, 1925 - Homiletics. R. Flekser (1869-1954) was born in Utena, Lithuania and was a student of and ordained by the Neziv. He served in the rabbinate of several Lithuanian communities before coming to America in 1923. Initially he served as rabbi of Ohavei Zedek in Plainfield, NJ; from 1927 in New Haven CT. CD-EPI 0158544; HPA 879

9. Siddur Sefat Yehudah - סדור שפת יהודה - R. Judah Leib Lazarov; New York; Oriam Press; 1928 - Only edition. Daily prayerbook with Yiddish commentary. See above. - CD-EPI 0320731

10. Tehilim - תהלים ע'פ ולשרה בן; R. Judah Leib Lazarov; Warsaw; Isaac Meir Alter; 1931; Printed as volume 3 to the siddur published in New York (1928-30). The work is named in honor of his wife Sarah. The work is bound with a Psalms by Sikora & Milner (Warsaw n.d.) a sterocopy of Vilna 1924. - Psalms with Yiddish commentary. See above. - CD-EPI 0323806.

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