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Title (English)    Sefer haPardes
Title (Hebrew)    ספר הפרדס
Author    [First Ed.] Rashi
City    Constantinople
Publisher    Raphael Hayyim Pardo
Publication Date    1802
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [1], 68 f., small folio, 308:204 mm., scattered minor worming, old paper repairs to title and several ff., age and damp staining. A good copy bound in later half cloth boards, rubbed.
   Collection of responsa and halakhot written by Rashi (1040-1105) and others. Rashi was the outstanding Biblical commentator of the Middle Ages. He was born in Troyes, France, and lived from 1040 to 1105, surviving the massacres of the First Crusade through Europe. He was a fantastic scholar and studied with the greatest student of Rabbenu Gershom of Mainz At twenty-five, he founded his own academy in France. Rashi's commentary on the Bible was unique. His concern was for every word in the text which need elaboration or explanation. Moreover, he used the fewest words possible in his commentaries. Most of his explanations were not written by him. Apparently, students would ask him questions about the text, or he would rhetorically ask questions about specific words, and a student would write his short, lucid answers in the margin of the parchment text. These answers comprise Rashi's commentary. We now have the answers, but the trick to studying Rashi is to figure out what the problem was with the text or the grammar of a given word. Besides explaining individual words, Rashi also made use of the the great oceans of midrash. However, instead of just quoting the early rabbis, Rashi applied the stories specifically to the Bible text; often abridging them. He assumed that his students knew the midrash; he just emphasized its immediate relevance to the TaNaCH. Rashi is also important for students of French. Many words in the Bible were unknown to Rashi's students, and obviously there would ask what a particular word meant and Rashi would give the answer in Old French using Hebrew transliteration. These transliterations provide important insights into the development of French and its pronunciation. The original printed Bible text by Daniel Bomberg in 1517 included Rashi's commentary. That commentary became so popular that there are now more than 200 commentaries on his commentary. It is assumed in traditional circles that when you read the TaNaCh, you also read Rashi. Rashi's commentary on the Talmud was even more important than his TaNaCh commentary. The Talmud was written in legalese: terse, unexplained language with no punctuation. Rashi provided a simple explanation of all Gemarra discussions. He explained all of the terse phrases; he explained the principles and concepts assumed by the sages who put together the Gemarra. His simple, brief explanations for practically every phrase of the Gemara made the Talmud understandable to the non-scholar. It became an instant best seller, and, to this day, it is unthinkable to study Talmud without studying Rashi's commentary at the same time.
Paragraph 2    ... להמאור ... רש"י זלה"ה וגם מקצת חידושי דינים והוראות מאשר נמצא מספר האורה (כתוב על קלף ישן נושן) ... להגאון רש"י זלה"ה (שד"ר מעה"ק ירושלם ... ר' חזקיא יוסף [בן ... ר' יצחק] קובו נר"ו אשר יגע וטרח ... להוציא לאור)...

בהקדמה אומר ר' חזקיה יוסף קובו, שלא הגיה את הספר אלא "עד קרוב לט"ו דפים ... כי טירדות הזמן עלות עלי". כולל גם: שאילות שנשאלו מלפני רבינו האיי גאון ... ורבינו שרירא גאון (דף כה-כד); הלכות שחיטה ובדיקה שחיבר רבינו שמואל (דף כז,ב-כח,א); תשובות שאילות של ר' יצחק ב"ר יהודה [רבו של רש"י] (דף לו); תשובות שר שלום גאון (דף לח,ב-לט,א); פיסקי ברכות לרבינו יוסף בן פלט (דף לט-מא); הלכות אבלים של גאונים (דף מח,ב- נא); מסכת תמורה של שני גאוני עולם רבי ישמעאל ור' עקיבא [הוא מדרש תמורה] (דף נב,ב-נג); פירוש תפילות לרבינו שלמה [הוא רש"י] (דף נד,ב-נט). על הספר ועל דפוס ראשון זה, עיין: ספר האורה, מהדורת ר' ש. בובר, לבוב תרס"ה, מבוא, עמ' 141-88. "חידושי דינים" מספר האורה שולבו כאן במקומות רבים. רשימת המקומות, עיין: שם, עמ' 9-7, וב"ספר הפרדס לרש"י ז"ל", מהדורת ר' חיים יהודה עהרענרייך, בודאפעשט תרפ"ד, מבוא, עמ' יג.

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