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Title (English)    Mishnei'ot, Ez haHayyim
Title (Hebrew)    משניות ע'פ עץ החיים
Author    R. Jacob Hagiz
City    Berlin
Publication Date    1716-17
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   6 volumes, 8°, 170:105 mm., usual light age and damp staining, old hands on fly, wide margins. A very good set bound in modern cloth over boards.
   Mishnei'ot with the commentary Ez haHayyim (first ed. Leghorn, 1652–56) by R. Jacob Hagiz (Israel; 1620–1674), Jerusalem scholar. He was the son of R. Samuel Hagiz, who was rabbi of Fez, and son-in-law of R. Moses Galante. During his youth he resided in various communities in Italy. In 1658 he emigrated to Jerusalem, where he headed a yeshiva founded and maintained by the Vega brothers of Leghorn, in which secular subjects and Spanish were also studied. R. Jacob himself, in addition to his Torah study, occupied himself with philosophy, astronomy, medicine, and grammar. He instituted several takkanot in Jerusalem, mainly in the field of divorce procedure. In contrast to his father-in-law, Jacob was a vehement opponent of Shabbetai Zevi from the beginning, being one of the first to regard him as a false messiah, and he was one of those who excommunicated him in 1665. In 1673, he went to Constantinople, in order to publish his Lehem ha-Panim but died before achieving this.

He was also the author of: Halakhot Ketannot (Venice, 1704), responsa; Tehillat Hokhmah, a talmudic methodology, published with the Sefer Keritot of R. Samson of Chinon (Verona, 1647); Ein Yisrael, an adapted edition of the Ein Ya'akov of Jacob ibn Habib with the additions of Leone Modena (Verona, 1645); Petil Tekhelet (Venice, 1652) a commentary on the azharot of R. Solomon ibn Gabirol; Dinei Birkat ha-Shahar, Keri'at Shema u-Tefillah, laws of the morning blessings, of the reading of the shema and of the amidah (Verona, 1648); Almenara de la Luz (Leghorn, 1656), a Spanish translation of the Menorat ha-Ma'or of R. Isaac Aboab.

The study of Mishnah is widespread, whether as an act of piety by saintly individuals, or by groups of unlearned people. For this purpose "societies of mishnah" (Hevrot Mishnei'ot) were and continue to be formed in every observant community. The groups often dedicate the study in memory of a deceased one and recite Kadish upon completion of the session.

Paragraph 2    ... עם פי'... רש"י... עם... עץ החיים ... נדפס... בליוורני בשנת התי"ד ליצירה [! תי"ג-תי"ו]... העיר ה' רוח... ר' (זאב) וואלף בהגאון... ר' (משולם) זלמן זצ"ל שהיה אב"ד ור"מ דק"ק המבורג והביאם שנית לבית הדפוס... [חלק א-ו].

על-פי ליוורנו תי"ג-תי"ו, בהשמטת פרק אנדרוגינוס, פרק ח מפתיחת הרמב"ם לאבות, חלק מהקדמות ר' יעקב חאגיז ושירו של המדפיס.

הסכמות: ר' יחיאל מיכל ב"ר יהודה ליב, ברלין, יג אלול תע"ו; - [חלק א] ר' יחזקאל לבית קצנעלבוגין, אלטונה המבורג וואנזבעק, כה תמוז תע"ו; - [חלק א] ר' יהוד' ליב, ברלין, א כסליו תע"ה. - [חלק א]

[חלק א]: זרעים. בשנת ת'כ'ו'ן' [תע"ו]. [1], ח, צח דף. [חלק ב]: מועד. בשנת ב'ע'ת'ה' אחישנה [תע"ז]. [1], ח, קלו דף. [חלק ג]: נשים. בשנת ב'ע'ת'ה' אחישנה [תע"ז]. [1], קך דף. [חלק ד]: נזיקין. בשנת ב'ע'ת'ה' אחישנה [תע"ז]. [1], קס דף. [חלק ה]: קדשים. בשנת ב'ע'ת'ה' אחישנה [תע"ז]. [1], קלו, קלט-קן דף. [חלק ו]: טהרות. בשנת ב'ע'ת'ה' אחישנה [תע"ז]. ה, רו דף.

   CD-EPI 0150644; EJ
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