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Title (English)    Responsa Imrei Esh
Title (Hebrew)    שאלות ותשובות אמרי אש
Author    [First Ed.] R. Meir Eisenstadter (Maharam Esh)
City    Lemberg - Unghvar
Publisher    M.F. Poremba - Carl Jaeger
Publication Date    1852-64
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [3], 82; [3], 95, [2] ff., 2°, 374:227 mm., wide margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.
   Responsa to all four parts of the Shulkhan Arukh by R. Meir b. Judah Leib Eisenstadter (d. 1852), rabbi, author, and liturgical poet (paytan). R. Eisenstadter was born in Schossberg (Sastin), but in his youth moved to Eisenstadt, from which he took his name. He was also known as "Maharam Esh" (Hebrew acronym for Morenu ha-Rav Meir Eisenshtadt, "our teacher, the rabbi Eisenstadter"). He studied under R. Moses Sofer and married the daughter of R. David Deutsch, the rabbi of Nove Mesto in Slovakia, where R. Eisenstadter was appointed head of the yeshivah. After serving as rabbi in Baja, Balassagyarmat (1815–1835), he was appointed rabbi of Ungvar in 1835 and was regarded, together with R. Moses Schick, as the leading rabbi of Hungary. In Ungvar, too, he headed a large yeshivah and many of the future rabbis of Hungary were his pupils. He took an active part in the communal life of Hungarian Jewry and exercised a profound influence on the course it was to take. He vehemently opposed the progressives who desired to introduce religious changes and reforms. He was the author of Imrei Esh, responsa in two parts (1852–64); Imrei Yosher, sermons (Ungvar, 1864); Imrei Binah, novellae on a number of tractates (1866), and, with the same title, his novellae and those of his son on the laws of shehitah, appended to R. A. Z. Schorr's Simlah Hadashah (1927); Imrei Esh, in two parts, expositions of the Pentateuch with the novellae of his father-in-law and his son (1901); and Zikhron Yehudah, containing his testament and novellae (1900). The greatest rabbis of Hungary and Galicia including R. Solomon Kluger of Brod, R. Hayyim Halberstam of Neu-Sandec (Nowy Sacz), and R. Simon Sofer of Cracow addressed problems to him.
Paragraph 2    ... אשר השיב ... ר' מאיר זצלה"ה בן ... ר' יודא ליב א"ש זלה"ה אשר היה מלפנים אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק בייאה ובק"ק יארמוט ... ואח"ז בק"ק אונגוואר ... ושם מנוחתו כבוד. הובא לבית הדפוס ע"י ... בני [המחבר, ר' מנחם ור' יהודא] ... חלק א-ב. שנת מ'א'י'ר' א'"ש' ה'כ'"מ' לפ"ג [תרי"ב].

הסכמות: ר' יחזקאל בנעט, נייטרא, - חלק א ור' אברהם שמואל בנימין סופר, פרעסבורג. - חלק א הסכמה: ר' חיים האלבערשטאם, צאנז, יב מנחם-[אב] תרי"ב. - חלק ב

חלק א: על או"ח ויו"ד. Lemberg, דפוס Poremba .M.F, שנת מ'א'י'ר' א'"ש' ה'כ'"מ' לפ"ג [תרי"ב]. [3], פב דף. דף עו,ב-עח,א: חידושי בן המחבר, ר' חיים ז"ל. חלק ב: על אה"ע וחו"מ. אונגואר, דפוס Jaeger Carl, שנת רבינו מ'א'י'ר' א'ש' ז'כרונו ל'ברכה ל'חיי ה'עולם ה'בא לפ"ג [תרכ"ד]. [3], צה [צ"ל: צח], [2] דף. בספר מפוזרים חידושיו של ר' מנחם, בן המחבר, שהביא לדפוס חלק זה.

   CD-EPI 0120525; EJ; H. Y. Braun, Toledot Gedolei Yisrael Anshei Shem (1943), 1–12; J. Spiegel, in: Arim ve-Immahot be-Yisrael, 4 (1950), 9–12; S. Reinhasz, in: Enziklopedyah shel Galuyyot, 7 (1959), 403–10.
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