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Title (English)    Bet Shlomo
Title (Hebrew)    בית שלמה
Author    [Hasidic - First Ed.] R. David Kahana Gelb
City    Orsova (Irsava)
Publisher    Moshe Juda Glancz
Publication Date    1928
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [4], 72, [4] pp., 240: 155 mm., wide uncut margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards.
   Biographical study of R. Shlomo (Solomon) Shapira (1832-1893), the author of Shem Shlomo, and also of his son R. Zevi Hirsch Shapira. They were both Rebbes in the Munkatch Dynasty, which had been founded by R. Zevi Elimelech, the grandfather of R. Shlomo. R. Zevi Hirsch is known as an important posek (halakhic authority).

R. Shlomo was a disciple of R. Hayyim Halberstam of Zanz. He held rabbinical posts at Sasov, Stryzow, Lancut, and Tarnogrod, and in 1881 was appointed rabbi of Munkacs. He was succeeded by his son R. Zevi Hirsch (1850–1913), who was born at Stryzow and with his father settled in Munkacs, Until 1893 he headed the bet din in Munkacs; from that year, when his father died, he became rabbi of the town. Like his predecessors, he was also a hasidic zaddik. Under him Munkacs became an important center of Hasidism. He was an active member of the committee of Orthodox rabbis of Hungary. Toward the end of his life, he opposed the efforts of the German Orthodox sector to associate the Hungarian Orthodox in founding Agudat Israel, through whose influence the leaders of German Orthodoxy sought to strengthen the religious elements in Germany. R. Zevi Hirsch, however, feared that a close collaboration would result in a weakening of Orthodoxy in Hungary. Although he appreciated the efforts of the German Orthodox to strengthen their ranks he did not wish to see what he regarded as their liberal way of life penetrate to Hungary. He was active in strengthening traditional education and objected to the compulsory attendance by Jewish children in the general schools. He also opposed the special schools which had been established in several communities so that Jewish youth should not have to attend school on Sabbath, and called upon his Hasidim not to send their children to them. R. Zevi Hirsch was an authority in both the halakhah and mystic spheres.

His most important works are: Darkhei Teshuvah on the Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah (1893), Zevi Tiferet (1912), responsa, and Be'er Lahai Ro'i (1903–21), on the Tikkunei Zohar, one of the most noteworthy commentaries on this difficult work. The author attempts to present "the simple meaning of the secrets." R. Zevi Hirsch regarded it as his most notable work, even though his Darkhei Teshuvah was acclaimed by the leading rabbinical authorities.

This volume has approbations by R. Chaim Eliezer Shapira, the son of R. Zevi Hirsch, as well as by Dayannim R. Dovid Schlussel, R. Meir Ze’ev Zaltzer, R. Menachem Weiss, and R. Moshe Goldstein.

Paragraph 2    שבחי תולדות וקורות...מרן שלמה שפירא זצללה"ה מלפנים אבד"ק סטריזוב ואח"כ אבד"ק מונקאטש והגליל ושם מ"נכ [מנוחתו כבוד]...סיפורים...ממנו ומאבותיו ורבותיו...ובסופו מאמר,,,צבי תפארת, קצת מתולדותיו ומפעלות בנו...מרן צבי שפירא זצללה"ה...האבד"ק הנ"ל [מונקאטש],( [מאת] דוד כהנא...געלב)

דף [4, ב]: מו"ה משה ... גאלדשטיין ... הי' ... לימיני בכתיבת ובהגהת הספר ... דוד כהנא (געלב). הסכמות: ר' חיים אלעזר שפירא, מונקאטש, פסח שני [טו אייר] תרפ"ז; דייני מונקאטש: ר' דוד שליסעל, ר' מאיר זאב זאלצער ור' מנחם ווייס, ראש-חודש שבט תרפ"ח.

   CD-EPI 0117330; EJ
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