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Title (English)    Korban ha-Edah - Talmud Yerushalmi Seder Nashim
Title (Hebrew)    קרבן העדה - תלמוד ירושלמי סדר נשים
Author    [First Ed.] R. David b. Naftali Hirsch Fraenkel
City    Berlin
Publication Date    1757
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   First edition of commentary. [2], 60; [1], 43; [1], 30; [1], 44; [1], 22 [i.e. 24]; [1], 41; [1], 32 f., folio, 340:207 mm., usual age staining. A very good copy with all eight title pages bound in modern cloth boards.
   The Jerusalem Talmud, Order of Nashim, with the classic commentary Korban Ha'Eidah. It is divided into two parts: the first part, Korban ha-Edah, following Rashi's commentary to the Babylonian Talmud, is a running commentary aimed at elucidating the plain meaning of the text; the second part, Shirei Korban, in the manner of the tosafot, gives novellae and various notes to reconcile contradictions in the Gemara and correct the errors and inaccuracies that had accumulated in the text. At times his explanations in this commentary differ from those in Korban ha-Edah. The commentary appeared in parts: part one (Dessau, 1743) on Mo'ed, part two (Berlin, 1757) on Nashim, and part three (ibid., 1760–62) on Nezikin. The Author commenced with Mo'ed because for Zera'im there already existed the commentary of R. Elijah b. Judah Leib of Fulda published in 1710. His commentary has become one of the two standard commentaries to the Jerusalem Talmud.

R. David b. Naphtali Fraenkel of Berlin (1704–1762), was born in Berlin. He was descended from the Mirels family that originated in Vienna and was also known as David Mirels. He studied under his father who was a dayyan in Berlin and under R. Jacob b. Benjamin ha-Kohen Poppers, author of Shav Ya'akov. After living for a time in Hamburg, in 1737 he was appointed rabbi of Dessau. In 1739–42 his father Naphtali and his brother Solomon undertook the printing of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah on his initiative. In 1743 he was appointed chief rabbi of Berlin. In R. Fraenkel's letter of appointment it was expressly stipulated that he was not to act as judge or give rulings in cases where members of his family, of whom there was a great number in Berlin, were involved. R. Fraenkel's jurisdiction extended to the districts of Brandenburg and Pomerania.

R. Fraenkel's main achievement is his commentary to the Jerusalem Talmud which constitutes his life work. He wrote Hebrew poems following various events in Prussia - the end of the Silesian wars (1745) and the victory of Prussia in the Seven Years' War (1757) - and published sermons.

Paragraph 2    עם פירוש קרבן העדה ותוספות המכונים שירי קרבן, מהרב... דוד נר"ו אב"ד דק"ק ברלין... בהרב... נפתלי הירש [פרנקל]... עם כמה מעלות... שהוסיף הרב המחבר הנ"ל. המעלה האחת שסקל המסילה מטעיות המרובות... המעלה השנייה המראה מקומות מן הפסוקים המובאים בש"ס זה והמראה מקומות מן כל הירושלמי איה אפוא הוכפלו דבריו, בצדו שם, וגם המראה מקומות מן המשניות המובאים בפנים מצויינים בפירושו...
   Vinograd, Berlin 213; CD-EPI 0311411 (records from private collection); EJ
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