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Title (English)    Keter Shem Tov
Title (Hebrew)    כתר שם טוב
Author    [Montefiore] Abraham Menahem Mendel Mohr
City    Lemberg
Publisher    Joseph Schnander
Publication Date    1847
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   16 pp. 8 vo., 170:105 mm., stained, few paper repairs, bound in modern wrappers. The Mehlman copy with his notes on wrapper.
   Work in praise of Sir Moses Montefiore (1784–1885), particualry for his efforts on behalf of Russian Jewry (Montefiore visited Russia in 1846 to persuade the authorities to alleviate persecution of the Jewish population). The volume begins with the famous line, from Moses (Moshe Rabbenu) until Moses (Montefiore) there was none Moses, There is verse that begins, “Moses ben Amram brought the Israelites out from under the burdens of Egytpt// and Moses Montefiore redeemed them from death to life.” The volume concludes with a letter of appreciation from Sir Moses Montefiore.

Abraham Menahem Mendel Mohr (1815–1868), Hebrew scholar, was born in Lemberg. He was a maskil who wrote in Hebrew and Yiddish. His fecund literary work commenced in 1834 when he published Magen ha-Hokhmah, in which he defended science and philosophy. Together with N. I. Fischmann, Jacob Bodek (Mohr’s brother-in-law), and Jacob Mentsch he issued the two volume Ha-Ro'eh u-Mevakker Sifrei Mehabberei Zemannenu (1837, 1839), in which famous scholars such as S. L. Rapoport, S. D. Luzzatto, and S. J. Reggiowere harshly criticized. The book aroused the anger of his contemporaries. His publication Yerushalayim, which appeared for three issues (1844–45), was more moderate. In 1848–49 he published a Yiddish newspaper, Tsaytung, which at the time was the only Yiddish newspaper in the world. Mohr wrote about the Rothschilds (Tiferet Yisrael, 1843), Columbus (1846), and Napoleon III (Hut ha-Meshullash, 1853). His works also included Mevasseret Ziyyon, (1847), a geography of Palestine and its Jewish inhabitants, and his Purim parodies Kol Bo le-Purim (1855) and Shulhan Arukh Even ha-Shetiyyah (1861). He published editions of Mikveh Yisrael by Manasseh Ben Israel (1847) and La-Yesharim Tehillah by M. H. Luzzatto (1859).

Paragraph 2    לראש שרי קדש, השר... משה... מאנטפיארע... ותמתו אשת נעוריו... יהודית... כולל קצת צדקות וחסדי התמימים האלה, ודרכם... להושיע לבני ישראל היושבים בארץ רוסיא. מאת אברהם מנחם מענדיל מאהר מלבוב. נדפס שנית עם איזה הוספות מהמחבר.

עמ' טו: התפלה אשר חבר הרב... מהר"ל אדלער נ"י... לאמר בכל בתי כנסיות בעד שלום ... רבי משה מאנטפיארע ואשתו... יהודית תחי'. עמ' טז: איגרת משה מאנטפיורי אל המחבר, לונדון, ד אלול תר"ו. בספרו שבילי עולם, חלק ג, 1865 LEMBERG, עמ' קמז, כותב המחבר שההוצאה הראשונה של כתר שם טוב נדפסה בלבוב תר"ו.

   BE 774; Vinograd, Lemberg 770; CD-EPI 0147180
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