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Title (English)    Hokhmat Shelomo
Title (Hebrew)    חכמת שלמה
Author    R. Solomon ben Jehiel Luria (Maharshal)
City    Amsterdam
Publisher    Joseph Athias
Publication Date    1691
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   [2], 136 ff., quarto, 190:150 mm., usual age and damp staining, title with small repair affecting text, old hands on title and final ff. A good copy bound in contemporary leather on wood boards, modern spine.
   Important glosses and annotations on the text of the Talmud by R. Solomon ben Jehiel Luria (Maharshal, c. 1510-64). Maharshal’s emendations, now appended to editions of the Talmud, are based on the second Bomberg Talmud. Many of Marshal’s emendations, have been incorporated into the text of the Talmud, so that the development of our Talmud owes a great deal to Hokhmat Shelomo. The text of the volume, in square letters in two columns, generally follows the order of the Talmud. Among the exceptions are tractate Eruvin, which, is at the end of the book. Several tractates have numerous diagrams, for example, Sota, Bava Batra, and Eruvin. There is also decorative material, such as front-piece and tail-piece. On the verso of the title page is an introduction from R. Solomon called Zalman ben Samuel Steina-Kopf, who brought the book to press. There are approbations from R. Gershon Ashkenaz of Metz, R. Isaac Abohab and R. Jacob ben Aaron Sasportas Sephardic rabbis of Amsterdam, and R. Moses ben Kolanymous ha-Kohen of Amsterdam.

The Maharshal was descended from a distinguished family, tracing his lineage to Rashi. His teachers were his father R. Jehiel and his maternal grandfather, R. Isaac Klober of Posen. Luria served as rabbi and head of the yeshiva in Ostrog, leaving after twenty years for Brisk and subsequently becoming a rosh yeshivah in the yeshivah of Shalom Shachna. In 1567, Maharshal founded his own yeshivah. His students include R. Mordecai Jaffe (Levush), Joshua Falk (Derishah u-Perishah), and Hayyim ben Bezalel. Maharshal was known for his intellectual independence.

Paragraph 2    מעבר לשער הקדמת המביא לבית הדפוס, שלמה הנקרא זלמן בכמר שמואל שטיינה קאפ' מפראג ובית דירתי לע"ע בק"ק בומסלא. כותב בין השאר: העיר ה' את המדפיסים בק"ק אמשטרדם להדפיס הש"ס [בשנת ת"ד-ת"ח] ע"פ הגה' מהרש"ל... רק עדיין הטעו' בכמה מקומו' מצויה... לכן... שמתי מגמתי ... להשלים חסרון הדפוס הנ"ל. וגם הדפסתי... מחידושי מהרש"ל זצ"ל הבלתי נוגעים להגה'... מתוך ספרו חכמת שלמה... ובמקום אשר... מהרש"א [ר' שמואל אליעזר איידלש] פגע ונגע... בדברי מהרש"ל הראיתי מקום עליו. סדר המסכתות: ברכות, שבת, פסחים, ביצה, יבמות, כתובות, גיטין, קדושין, סוטה, סוכה, סנהדרין, שבועות, מכות, בבא קמא, בבא מציעא, בבא בתרא, נדה, חולין, עירובין.
   Fuks II no. 402; I. Ron, “The Talmud Emendations of R. Solomon Luria (Maharshal” Alei Sefer, XV; CD-EPI 0143780
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