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Title (English)    Ayil Meshullash
Title (Hebrew)    איל משולש
Author    [Math] R. Elijah b. Solomon Zalman (Vilna Gaon)
City    Vilna/Grodno
Publisher    Menahem Man and Simha Zemel
Publication Date    1833
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   First edition. [7], 31 ff., quarto, 215:185 mm., light age staining, old hand in several margins, nice margins. A good copy bound in later cloth boards.
   On mathematical subjects and astronomy by R. Elijah ben Solomon Zalman (Vilna Gaon, Gr”a). The title page states that is on triangles, algebra, and consists of 400 principles found in the writings of the Gaon. The text has been edited and is accompanied by a commentary from R. Samuel ben Joseph, av bet din of Luknik. Approbations are from R. Abraham Abeli ben Abraham Solomon, R. Jacob Moses ben Abraham (grandson of the Gr”a), and R. Issachar Ba’er Metz. There are introductions from R. Samuel ben Joseph and R. Jacob Moses, who emphasis that these subjects are important to understand the topics in the Babylonian Talmud and demonstrate how extensive is the wisdom of the sages of Israel. The text, in rabbinic letters, is in two columns, the inner the Vilna Gaon’s work, the outer R. Samuel ben Joseph’s commentary. The text is accompanied by numerous diagrams, appearing on every page of the book.

R. Elijah ben Solomon Zalman of Vilna (1720-97) is a dominant figure in Jewish intellectual thought, his importance and prestige undiminished, as great today, if not greater, than in his own time. The Vilna Gaon’s extraordinary intelligence, expressed by his expertise in Torah at the age of three, outdistancing his tutors while a young child, his incredible proficiency over the entire expanse of the written and Oral Torah by nine, by which time he was already studying Kabbalah, accompanied by complete piety, are attested to by numerous reputable sources. More than seventy works, encompassing Bible, halakhah, Talmud, Kabbalah, and general sciences are attributed to him. The latter, among them Ayil Meshullash, includes highly erudite treatises on geometry, astronomy, and medicine.

Paragraph 2    על חכמת המשולשים וההנדסה ובתוכו ... כמה כללי תכונה ואלגיברא סך הכל ת' כללים אשר נמצא באמתחת כתבי הגאון ... אליהו זצוק"ל מווילנא ... בכ"י ממש ... אך ... הגאון ... קיצר במקום שראוי להאריך ... ויהי כספר החתום עד שקם ונתעורר הרב ... שמואל במו' יוסף אב"ד דק"ק לוקניק וסדר אותו בסדר נכון וחלקו למאמרים נפרדים והגיה אותו ... וגם עשה פירוש מספיק ...

פרידברג רושם: תקצ"ה. דף [4-7]: דרך הפתח, הקדמה, מאת ר' יעקב משה ב"ר אברהם, נכד הגר"א. בעמוד האחרון: לוח הבקעים, העתקה מספר עמודי השמים, מאת ר' ברוך משקלוב, ברלין תקל"ז.

   Benjacob pp. 34-35 n. 662; Vin Vilna 278; CD-EPI 0110348
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