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Title (English)    Karnot Zaddik
Title (Hebrew)    קרנות צדיק
Author    [Kabbalah] R. Elijah ben Suleiman Mani
City    Jerusalem
Publisher    Samuel ha-Levi Zuckerman
Publication Date    1904
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   24 ff., octavo, 295:135 mm.,usual light browning. A very good copy bound in modern full cloth boards.
   Precepts to be followed for tikkun ha-berit by the kabbalist R. Elijah ben Suleiman Mani. There are approbations from R. Joseph Hayyim Sonnenfeld, R. Elijah David Rabbinowitz Teomim, R. Lipman David ben Jacob, R. Judah ben David Baer ha-Levi, and R. Abraham ben David ha-Kohen Friedman. The text is divided into three chapters which are subdivided into numbered paragraphs. The title page states that the text is accompanied by the author’s Tikkun ha-Kellai but that work was not in fact published.

R. Elijah ben Suleiman (1818–1899) belonged to the Mani family of Iraq and Erez Israel which, according to family tradition, is of Davidic origin, its name being an acrostic of Mi-Geza Nezer Yishai. One of the best known Iraqi rabbis, R. Mani was born in Baghdad, studied at the Beit Zilka rabbinical academy and was one of the outstanding pupils of R. Abdallah Somekh. In 1856 he settled in Erez Israel, first in Jerusalem, but two years later he moved to Hebron. He played a prominent role in the development of the Jewish community there. In 1865 he was appointed chief rabbi of Hebron and retained this post until his death. For fourteen years he accepted no payment, but later was forced by poverty to except remuneration. By nature an unassuming and generous man, he was outspoken and adamant in matters of religious observance. He made several journeys on behalf of the Hebron community: to India in 1873; Egypt, 1872 and 1878; and Baghdad 1880. In 1879–80 a fierce argument broke out between R. Mani and two prominent members of the community, Mercado Romano and R. Rahamim Joseph Franco, which split the community into two factions. In the end R. Mani’s views prevailed. R. Mani wrote several books dealing with traditional and mystical Jewish studies. Also published, in addition to Karnot Zaddik, is Zikhronot Eliyahu, a collection of religious precepts, arranged in alphabetical order, of which two parts appeared (Jerusalem, 1936, 1938). Many of his responsa were published in the Jerusalem Me'assef and in the writings of contemporary rabbinic scholars.

Paragraph 2    עם אור ציון (הוספות מליקוטי רבנן צדיקי)... ונלוה... תיקון הכללי ממוהר"ן [ר' נחמן מברסלב] ז"ל... המלבה"ד יוסף הארטמאן בהרה"ח... יחיאל משה מו"ץ דק"ק עניעד...

תיקון הכללי לא נדפס ? חלק מן ההוספות של דוד חי צאלח יעקב יחזקאל בסוף הספר נשמטו.

הסכמות רבני ירושלים: ר' אלי' דוד ב"ר בנימין ראבינאוויץ תאומים , יום האחרון לתשלומי עצרת [יב סיון] תרס"ד; ר' ליפמאן דוד במוהר"י [ב"ר יעקב שוואקס], ר' יוסף יהודה בר"ד [ב"ר דוד בער] הלוי, ר' אברהם ב"ר דוד הכהן [פרידמאן], יח סיון תרס"ד; ר' יוסף חיים זאנענפעלד, ראש-חודש סיון תרס"ד.

   O. Avisar (ed.), Sefer Hevron (1970), 100–7, 132–4, 153–4; BE ק 1143; EJ; JE; M. Mani, Rabbi Eliyahu Mani (1936); A. Ben-Ya’akov, in: Hemdat Yisrael... le-Zekher Rabbi H. H. Medini (1946), 89–97.
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