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Title (English)    Siddur mi-Berakhah
Title (Hebrew)    סדור מברכה
Author    R. Joseph Nisim and R. Abraham Hayyim da Fano
City    Ferrara
Publisher    Girolamo Eiloni
Publication Date    1693
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   59, 40-121, 123-29, 151-52, 154-59, [2], 138-61 pp., 148:105 mm., title extended in margin, light age and damp staining. A good copy bound in modern half vellum and marbled paper boards.
   Benedictions according to the Italian rite. Siddur mi-Berakhah is another name for the better known Siddur Me’ah Berakhot, the latter name employed by Sephardim, the former by Ashkenazim. The title page has a border made up of rows of florets and within that frame a floral woodcut separating the Hebrew and Latin text. The Hebrew text states that it is Siddur mi-Berakhah according to the Italian rite with all the benedictions and their explanations and that it was compiled by R. Joseph Nisim and R. Abraham Hayyim da Fano. The Latin text gives basic information and the permission to print, that is, Con Licenza de’ Superioro. The text of the book, which begins on the verso of the title page, is enclosed within a two line border and is in vocalized square letters with pertinent halakhot and instructions in rabbinic type. Siddur mi-Berakhah opens with a baraita from Berakhot 53b on the importance of netilat yadiam. It is followed by Psalm 23 and then the Psalm of the day, to be said after the meal, and birkhat ha-Mazon. Next are piyyutim for Shabbat, birkhat ha-Levanah, and the Pesah haggadah. Within the latter are depictions of matzah and marror. Other benedictions include the Omer, eruv hazerot and eruv tavshilin, kiddush for Shavu’ot, Rosh HaShanah, Sukkot, and Shemini Azeret, the services for berit milah, for dreams, and for the start of a journey. This edition is based on the 1641 Venice edition but has additional piyyutim from R. Isaac Berachia of Fano for Shabbat and the conclusion of Shabbat. Many of the benedictions vary somewhat from those in more widely followed rites such as Sephard and Ashkenaz. An attractive edition printed on clear white paper.

Siddur mi-Berakhah is one of very few Hebrew books printed in Ferrara in the seventeenth century. Three titles only are credited to Ferrara in the seventeenth century, namely Rav Hai ben Sherira Gaon’s Pitron Halomot ([1600]), Alef Bet ([1690]), and Siddur mi-Berakhah. The last work represents a short lived attempt to revive Hebrew printing in Ferrara at the press of Girolamo Filoni from Ficarolo. Little came of these efforts, however, for Filoni, after printing one book only, this Siddur mi-Berakhah, melted down his Hebrew fonts to make Latin letters. The next attempt to print Hebrew books in Ferrara was more than a century later, also short lived. Siddur mi-Berakhah is not listed in the bibliography of J. J. Cohen appended to Mavo le-Mahzor Benei Roma.

Paragraph 2    כמנהג קהלת הקדש איטאליאני עם סדר כל הברכות ופירושן.

בשער: "על ידי כמ"ר יוסף ניסים וכמ"ר אברהם חיים מפאנו, תושבי מנטובא". כנראה המו"לים של הספר. על פי ויניציאה ת"א. נוספו שני פיוטים מאת ר' יצחק ברכיה מפאנו, לשבת ולמוצאי שבת: יום שביעי שבת כי בו בורא שבת (אוצר השירה והפיוט, ב, עמ' 348, מס' 1928); בעת פנות אור יום בחוק קדושת יום (שם, ב, עמ' 52, מס' 1203).

   Amram 404; Vin Ferrara 52; CD-EPI 0306146
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