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Title (English)    Flier for prayers on behalf of the Yishuv and the
Title (Hebrew)    תפלה להצלת הישוב ועם ישראל
Author    [Kabbalah - Liturgy]
City    Rehovot
Publisher    Solomon Joseph Maberi
Publication Date    c. 1948
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Broadside, 325:225 mm., light age and use staining, creased on folds.
   Flier calling for prayers on behalf of the Yishuv and the Jewish people. The flier is headed by the verses, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; those who love you shall prosper” (Psalms 122:6) and, “As the mountains are around Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people” (Psalms 125:2). The text begins that after great searching and introspection the authors found in המרגלית, an early manuscript, attributed to R. Israel Abba Shalom Shabazi prayers to deliver from all, “trouble and anguish” (Isaiah 30:6, Proverbs 1:27), to seek to nullify the decree. They have copied it because of the difficulties and trouble, the harsh decrees that afflict the holy land and the entire world. We are in need of great mercy from the Source of mercy. They request all their brothers, the children of Israel, everywhere, to pray these prayers from R. Shabazi, which should be of benefit to both the individual and to the community. The prayers contain many Holy Names and it must be treated with the same honor accorded to a Sefer Torah. The merit of these Holy Names should protect all of us. These prayers can be said at any time and should be repeated ten times accompanied each time by three kolot (shofar blowing). The prayers can be recited on Shabbat without the kolot. The prayers follow, which are long and include kabbalistic formulas. The flier is signed by R. Meir ben Hai Zaddok Mizrahi, R. Zachariah ben Ya’ir ha-Levi, R. Solomon Joseph Niavri, and R. Nahum ben Yehia ha-Levi, the last three with the appellation ס"ט (Sephardi Tahor). R. Shabazi, presumably, is R. Shalem Shabazi (Shabbezi, Salim al-Shibzi fl. 17th century) the greatest of Yemenite Jewish poets. Some 550 of his poems and hymns are extant, written in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Arabic. In all of them, his name appears in acrostic form either at the beginning of the stanzas or in the poem itself. No details are known regarding his life except what can be deduced from his poems. Living in a period of persecutions and messianic anticipations for Yemenite Jewry, Shabazi gave faithful poetic expression to the suffering and yearning of his generation, whose national poet he became. It seems that he wandered in poverty throughout Yemen. Many legends describe him as a zaddik and miracle worker; his tomb in Taiz was considered holy and became a shrine where both Jews and Muslims prayed for relief from sickness and misery. His poetry deals primarily with the religious themes of exile and redemption, the Jewish people and God, wisdom and ethics, Torah, and the life to come. Many of his poems deal with the glorious past of the Jews in their own land, from which the author draws faith and hope for renewed greatness in the future. He wrote poems dedicated to the Sabbath and festivals, marriage, and circumcision. His ethical poems are outstanding for their teaching and gentle moralizing. Kabbalah and mysticism based on the works of the kabbalists who preceded R. Isaac Luria play an important role in his poetry. Academic and medieval scientific themes are also a frequent feature. His rare secular poems deal with discussions between concrete and abstract objects. His poems are not confined to any one theme, but combine several subjects in one and the same work. Their style, comparable to that of rabbinical literature, is prosaic and easy, making his poetry readily accessible to the masses. About half the poems in the Yemenite diwan, published in many editions, are by him. Reference Description EJ; JE
Paragraph 2    ... חפשנו ומצאנו בספר המרגלית, כ"י [כתב יד] קדמון המיוחסת למ"ו [למורנו ורבנו]... שלום שבזי... תפלה להנצל מכל צרה וצוקה להפר עצה וביטול גזרות. העתקנו אותה לרגלי המצב החמור הן בארצנו הקדושה והן בכל העולם כולו... המשתדלים: הרב המקומי מאיר בן חי צדוק מזרחי... הרב זכריא בן יאיר הלוי... המו"ל והמלבה"ד [המוציא לאור והמביא לבית הדפוס] שלמה יוסף מעברי... נחום בן יחיא הלוי... שערים ע"י [על יד] רחובות... זעם...
   CD-EPI 0316481
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