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Title (English)    Zivhei Ratzon
Title (Hebrew)    זבחי רצון
Author    R. Shraga Phoebus ben M. Segal Fraenkel
City    Krotoszyn
Publisher    Monash
Publication Date    1860
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   Revised and expanded edition. [4], 128 pp., 250:210 mm., wide margins, usual age and damp staining. A good copy loose in contemporary boards.
   On shehitah by R. Shraga Phoebus ben M. Segal Fraenkel. The title page states that Zivhei Ratzon is all the laws on shehitah and bedikah (the examination after slaughtering) of the lungs with other related laws. These have been picked and gathered from the works of leading rabbinic authorities from both early and later sages and from the responsa literature, both old and recent. It is being published by the author’s son-in-law, R. Zev Wolf ben A. Segal. The title page is dated, “their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon my altar וזבחיהם לרצון על מזבחי” (Isaiah 56:7) The title page is followed by approbations from R. Jacob Simha רעהפיש, R. Nathan Dembitzer, and the Cracow bet din, R. Judah Graver and R. Joshua Drazner. Next is a table of the simanim, then the text. The Shulhan Arukh is in the center with two commentaries about it with the headings Mosafim and Tamidim. R. Fraenkel also wrote Tsiyun li-Derash, an index to sayings in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds brought in the Ein Ya’acov. The end papers have owners signatures.
Paragraph 2    ... הובא מחדש לבית הדפוס בהרבה תוספות ותיקונים ע"י חתן המחבר, זאב המכונה וואלף בר"א (ב"ר אהרון) סגל (פה ריבניק במדינת אבערשלעזיען)...

הסכמות: ר' יעקב שמחה רעהפיש, קעמפנא, יט למב"י [ד באייר] תר"ך; ר' חיים נתן דעמביצר, קראקא, ה אב תר"ך; בית הדין בקראקא: ר' יהודה גראווער ור' יהושע דרעזנר, ה אב תר"ך.

   Vin Krotoschin 144; CD-EPI 0159944
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