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Title (English)    Kehilat Moshe
Title (Hebrew)    קהלת משה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Moses Sitehon (Sathun)
City    Aram Zobah (Aleppo)
Publisher    Elijah Hai b. Abraham Sasson
Publication Date    1873
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 223 ff. (Foliation varies from bibliographic sources), 195:135 mm., light age staining. A good copy bound in contemporary boards.
   Variant edition of the only printing of the encyclopedic homilies by R. Moses Sitehon (Sathun). The title page has a decorative frame and states that the entries were assembled by R. Sitehon, who is occupied with needs of the community (Aram Zobah, Aleppo) and a leader in it. There is an introduction from R. Sitehon comprised of eight paragraphs, each beginning with מאן (Who), for example, Who reveals . . . The text, arranged alphabetically and covering a variety of subjects encompassing all the elements of pardes is set in a single column in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words. The subject matter encompasses the letters alef through gimel. Entries vary considerably in length, The first entry is Adam and Eve אדם וחוה (1a-34a), followed by Erez Israel ארץ ישראל (34a-44b), letters אותיות (44b-49b), and love אהבה (49b-53a). Other entries are on the patriarchs, creation of the world, first born, two sisters, children of Niah, blessing, synagogue, etc. The final entry in this volume is Egyptian exile מצרים גלות (209-223a). Within the text is a prayer בקשות (203a-209a) from the author’s grandfather, R. Abraham Sitehon. The title page has an owner’s stamp that says “From the collection of Shaindle & Yehuda Elberg.”

The foliation of this copy varies considerably from that recorded for this work in bibliographic sources. It is lacking the two long final entries and the index. Nevertheless, based on those descriptions and the physical composition this volume appears to be complete as is. The irregularities in foliation are not found in this copy and the final entry here ends in the middle of 209a followed by ת"ו ש"ל ב"ע (finished and complete praise to God). A printing with this foliation appears to be unrecorded.

Books from Aram Zobah (Aleppo) are rare. The first press in that location was established 1865 by Abraham Sasson and his sons, one of the latter having learned the craft in Leghorn.

Paragraph 2    אשר אסף... הרב... ר' משה בכמהר"י סתהון נר"ו... חלק ראשון...

ערכים "על כל סדר אלפא ביתא... וכעת... הדפסתי ע"ס [עד סוף] אות גימל". בערך בית הכנסת, דף קנא-קנד: שבחי בית הכנסת... אשר הוא בנוי מזמן המקדש... זו בית הכנסת של ארם צובה. דף רג-רט,א: ערך בקשות יסדם מר זקיני הרב... ר' אברהם סתהון זלה"ה. לא נדפס יותר.

   BE kof 212; Yaari, Mizrach pp. 41-42 no. 13; CD-EPI 0155303
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