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Title (English)    Ma'alot ha-Middot in Ladino
Title (Hebrew)    מעלות המדות אין לאדינו
Author    [First Ed. - Ladino] R. Jehiel Anav
City    Constantinople
Publisher    Isaac de Castro & Sons
Publication Date    1824
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   First Ladino edition. 148 ff., 200:143 mm., usual age staining, nice margins, stamp on title, initial few ff. with corners turned in lower margins. A good copy bound in contemporary half leather and marbled paper boards, rubbed and split.
   Ethics. The name of the translator is not provided, perhaps the printer or one of his sons translated the work. First published at Constantinople (1512) under the title of Beit Middot and later in a different version at Cremona (1556) under the title of Ma'alot ha-Middot, on which subsequent editions were based. The book, dealing in 24 "steps" with ethical conduct, is based on talmudic, midrashic, and other sources. It begins and ends with a poem. The work enjoyed great popularity (nearly 40 manuscripts are extant). It was often reissued. Entire chapters of it were included by R. Jacob Emden in his Migdal Oz (1748).

R. Jehiel b. Jekuthiel b. Benjamin ha-Rofe Anav lived in the second half of 13th century, little is known of his life. He was a member of the Anav family of copist. He is the author of this significant work, additionally, R. Jehiel also wrote Hilkhot Shehitah on the laws of ritual slaughter still in manuscript.

Some manuscripts which R. Jehiel copied have been preserved. The number of errors which they contain is not at all surprising in view of the great speed at which he worked. The only complete extant manuscript of the Jerusalem Talmud, now in the Leiden Library, from which the 1523–24 Venice edition was published, was copied by him in 1289. He completed the orders of Nashim and Nezikin in a month and twelve days. This manuscript has proved of great importance for research into the text of the Jerusalem Talmud. It contains his own notes and emendations, as do other manuscripts which he copied (in some instances he inserted various annotations into the text itself). His share, if any, in Tanya Rabbati (Mantua, 1514) has not been convincingly demonstrated, and there are divergent views on this score. There are also differences of opinion concerning the similarity between large sections of this work and the Shibbolei ha-Leket, written by his relative Zedekiah b. Abraham Anav. There are two principal views on this subject. In addition to the poems mentioned above, R. Jehiel wrote another at the end of the Jerusalem Talmud manuscript and a kinah on the destruction of a synagogue and of 21 Torah scrolls in a fire that broke out in Trastevere, Rome, in 1268. Other piyyutim are ascribed to him (see Davidson, Ozar, 4 (1933), 409).

Paragraph 2    דיקלארו די מדרשים, די הלכות אי הגדות [!] אי די בעלי מוסר. לו פ'ואי מחבר המופלא רבי יחיאל בר יקותיאל בר בנימן הרופא...

"ספר מעלות המדות בלאדינו. דברי מדרשים, הלכות, אגדות ומבעלי מוסר. חיברו ר' יחיאל בן יקותיאל בן בנימין הרופא". שם המתרגם נשמט. יתכן שהתרגום נעשה על ידי המדפיס או אחד מבניו. נדפס לראשונה בעברית בשם "בית מדות", קושטנטינה רע"ב. דף ב-ד,א: תרגום הקדמת המחבר בלאדינו. בראשה נדפס שיר, פותח "בשפת עט אגידה חידות" (אוצר השירה והפיוט, ב, עמ' 86, מס' 1896). מתוך השער של הוצאת קרימונה שי"ו. דף ד,ב: שיר מאת המגיה של הוצאת קושטנדינה, ר' יוסף ביבאס, מתוך אותה הוצאה. פותח "יוסף ה' אל עליכם ככם" (אוצר השירה והפיוט, ב, עמ' 357, מס' 2136). דף קמח,ב: שיר, מאת יצחק (המדפיס?), פותח "יה סלח לחטאתי ואשמתי" (שם, ב, עמ' 304, מס' 1029). פועלי הדפוס: יצחק ג'אחון ויעקב בכר ישראל אשכנזי (בדף קמז,א). אותיות רש"י. פועלי הדפוס: יצחק ג'אחון ויעקב בכר ישראל אשכנזי (בדף קמז,א).

   CD-EPI 0202129; EJ
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