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Title (English)    Iggeret Bekoret
Title (Hebrew)    אגרת בקורת ופתח תשובה
Author    [Polemic - Only Ed.] R. Hirsch Goldenstern
City    Lemberg
Publisher    Hirsch Goldenstern
Publication Date    1877
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 16 pp., 200:130 mm., usual age staining, hand on fly. A good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
Paragraph 1    The Isaac Mehlman copy with his notes on fly.
   Polemic work from R. Hirsch Goldenstern in defense of R. Isaac Aaron Ettinger concerning funds for Erez Israel. The title page states that it is a response to those wicked men who created a storm about Erez Israel with their falsehoods. He proposes to answer them in kind, showing “the righteousness of the righteous . . . [and] the wickedness of the wicked” (Ezekiel 32:12) so that people shall not stumble and should “not trust in falsehood” (cd. Job 15:31). The title page is dated “וכהמרגלים יהיו גם מוציאי דבה האלא (637=1877).” Iggeret Bekoret is a response to Iggeret Petuha (Lemberg, 1877), concerned with the raising of funds in Galicia for Erez Israel.

R. Isaac Aaron ben Mordecai Zev Ettinger (R. Itzsche, 1827–1891), served as rabbi in Przemysl and Lemberg. Distinguished for his intellectual activity and industry R. Itzsche was invited by several communities in Galicia to assume a rabbinate, but, being wealthy, declined, until, in 1868, he was persuaded to accept a position in Przemysl. After two years, however, his private affairs compelled him to relinguish his position and retire to Lemberg. In 1888 he accepted the position of rabbi of Lemberg His responsa were influential, both Mitnagdim and Hasidim submitting questions to him, so that the government considered him to be the leader of Galician Jewry. He was officially recognized by the Austrian minister of the interior as Nasi of Palestine, and as such he annually sent 50,000 gulden to the Jews of Erez Israel.

Paragraph 2    באנשי און אשר הרעישו ארץ בשקרותם (בשם אגרת פתוחה ... מאת שלוחי הקהלות ... הנדפס [לעמבערג תרל"ז]) ... יצאתי ... למוד להם כפעלם (ולמען הודיעכם ... מי המשלחים ומי המה השילוחים) ... ולהראות לכל צדקת ... ר' יצחק אהרן (עטינגא) סג"ל ...

נגד פרסום של שני שליחי כולל אוסטריה-גאליציה, שנשלחו מארץ ישראל לארגן מחדש את איסוף התרומות בגאליציה. השליחים יצאו, בין השאר, נגד ר' יצחק אהרן איטינגא, שהיה "נשיא" הכולל בגאליציה. השליחים פרסמו קול-קורא בשם "אגרת פתוחה", שיצא לאור בשתי מהדורות בלעמבערג תרל"ז.

   BE alef 487; JE
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