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Title (English)    Yad Remah
Title (Hebrew)    יד רמה; שיטה מקובצת בבא בתרא
Author    [First Ed.] R. Meir Abulafia
City    Salonica
Publisher    Mordehai Nahman & David Israliga
Publication Date    1790-91
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition, two volumes. [2], 157; [3], 158-169, 171-274 ff., 281:198 mm., nice margins light age and damp staining. A very good set bound in contemporary leather boards, rubbed.
   R. Meir b. Todros ha-Levi Abulafia (1170?–1244), talmudic commentator, thinker, and poet; the most renowned Spanish rabbi of the first half of the 13th century. His only son Judah died in 1226, but his grandchildren and great-grandchildren through his daughters lived in Toledo about a century after his death. R. Meir himself and his family carried the title nasi, and the whole family was connected by marriage with the foremost families of Toledo. In his youth, R. Abulafia went from Burgos to Toledo where he spent the rest of his life. It seems that as early as 1204 he was a member of the Toledo bet din, together with R. Meir ibn Migash and R. Abraham b. Nathan ha-Yarhi. He played an important part in the organization of the communities in Spain, especially that of Toledo, where he instituted many religious regulations. Abulafia's literary activity spans four general areas: halakhah, masorah, the controversy over Maimonides' opinion on the subject of resurrection, and Hebrew poetry. His greatest though least known work is his extensive commentary, which covered about half the Talmud. This commentary, unique both in quantity and in quality, may be considered the summation and the conclusion of the talmudic school of the Spanish rabbis, and R. Abulafia its last representative (his younger contemporary and countryman Nahmanides brought an end to the local traditional method by his introduction of the tosafists' method of study from Germany and France). In his book, originally named Sefer Peratei Peratin (“Book of Minute Details”), R. Abulafia goes into the smallest details of each subject, attempting to extract from his explanations the maximum of practical rules. Its rapid disappearance may be attributed to its relative verbosity, as well as to the preference shown for the books of Nahmanides. The work is written entirely in Aramaic, in the style of the geonim and R. Isaac Alfasi, and all decisions are presented with confidence. R. Abulafia never mentions his teachers and rarely his predecessors by name, but he does draw upon and even quote (though anonymously) the early Spanish rabbis. Most of R. Abulafia's specific references are to the geonim, especially to R. Hai and R. Sherira, and he refers as well to Alfasi, R. Hananel, R. Joseph ibn Migash, Rashi, Maimonides, and R. Jacob Tam. His knowledge of the teachings of the French and German talmudists is evidently limited. His work presents many old Spanish versions of the Talmud which are of special importance. Only two parts have hitherto been published (under the name Yad Ramah) - those dealing with the tractates Bava Batra and Sanhedrin (Salonika, 1790–98). However, manuscripts of his commentaries to many other tractates (none of which is extant) were known to the rabbis in earlier generations. Thus a great part of his commentary on the tractate Horayot is included in R. Azulai's Sha'ar Yosef on the tractate Avot, in R. Samuel Uceda's Midrash Shemu'el (1579), on the tractates of Nezikin, in R. Bezalel Ashkenazi's Shitah Mekubbezet, and - a great deal - anonymously in R. Menahem ha-Meiri's commentaries on the Talmud.
Paragraph 2    ... מתורתן של ראשוני' קדמאה ... בשנת ארבעה לאלף שאנו בו נח נפשיה דרבי מאיר הלא דא היא ... שיט'ה למהד'ורא בתרא ... מרבן רבי' מאיר הלוי המ[כונה] אבואלעפייא ז"ל ... זאת התורה ... נמצא בבית גנזייא ... ר' יום טוב אלגאזי נר"ו ... נאם צע'יר המשתל'ח מרבנן קדישי אשר בעיר הקדש חברון ... יוסף אליה הלוי ס"ט ... כרך א-ב.

אחר דף קנז (סוף פרק חמישי) שער-נוסף לפרק ו-י: יד רמ"ה ... שאלוניקי ... שנת וישכון ישראל בטח בדד עין יעקב לפ"ג [תקנ"א]. מעבר לשער הקדמת ר' חיים מודעי, אזמיר, אדר תקנ"א. דף [2-3]: הקדמות ר' יצחק מאייו, אזמיר, שלהי אדר-ראשון, תקנ"א, ושל "המשתדל להוציא לאור האי ספרא", ר' יוסף אליה הלוי, שלוניקי, תקנ"א. לה דף: "שייור שיטת מקובצת להגאון המוסמך רבינו בצלאל אשכנזי זלה"ה למסכת בתרא. ומריש ועד כען [דף קלג] כבר יצא לאור עולם בשנת התקל"ח בליוורנו". הסכמות: ר' יום טוב אלגאזי, ירושלים, תק"ן; ר' דוד ב"ר יעקב פארדו, ירושלם, טבח תקמ"ט; רבני ירושלים: ר' משה מרדכי יוסף בכר מיוחס, ר' יצחק קוב'ו, ר' חיים מרדכי סורנאגה, ר' אברהם בעלול, ר' מרדכי הלוי, ר' אביגדור עזריאל ור' רפאל יוסף ן' רובי, תקמ"ט.

   CD-EPI 0105284; EJ
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