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Title (English)    Vavei ha-Ammudim
Title (Hebrew)    ווי העמודים
Author    [First Ed.] R. Isaac ben Benjamin Tayyib
City    Leghorn
Publisher    Judah Samuel Ashkenazi and Elijah ben Amozag
Publication Date    1858
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition of commentary. [3], 215 ff., 305:210 mm., wide margins, light age staining, old hand on title. A very good copy bound in modern half leather and cloth boards.
   Commentary on the Sefer Yere’im of the tosafot R. Eliezer of Metz by R. Isaac ben Benjamin Tayyib. Sefer Yere’im is an important halakhic work written in the twelfth century. In addition to its halakhic significance, Sefer Yere’im is notable for the inclusion of ethical maxims and homilies on the true service of G-d. Halakhic discussions are sometimes preceded by rhymed introductions. The title page has an ornamental frame and is dated, “To declare that the Lord is upright להגיד כי ישר ה' (618=1858)” (Psalms 92:16), with the ה having a value of 26. There is an introduction by R. Abraham ben Joseph Tayyib, grandson of the author, who brought Vavei ha-Ammudim to press. Each of the twelve paragraphs in the introduction begins and ends with the word טוב. The text is comprised of Sefer Yere’im, set in square letters in the middle of the page, surrounded by R. Tayyib’s commentary on both sides in rabbinic letters. The rulings of Sefer Yere’im as well as those in Eliezer’s commentaries on the Talmud were accepted as authoritative by the rishonim. The title page informs that Vavei ha-Ammudim was printed in two parts; From the beginning through 62f by Ashkenazi, and from 63f to the end by Amozag.

R. Isaac ben Benjamin Tayyib, (d. 1830) was a kabbalist from Tunis. No biographical details are known of him and his reputation rests on his works. In addition to Vavei ha-Ammudim, R. Tayyib wrote, Erekh ha-Shulhan, a commentary on the Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim (1791), Yoreh De'ah (1798), Hoshen Mishpat (1815), Even ha-Ezer (1844), all published at Leghorn; Hukkat ha-Pesah (1853), a commentary on the Passover laws in the Shulhan Arukh; Sefer ha-Zikkaron (2 parts, 1892). Part 1 consists of novellae and part 2 is a kabbalistic commentary on Avot and the Passover Haggadah; Helev Hittim (1896), talmudic novellae; Va-Yizra Yizhak (Djerba, 1941), novellae to Genesis.

R. Eliezer ben Samuel of Metz (c. 1115–c. 1198) of the ba’alei tosafot was a recognized halakhic authority. He was a pupil of Jacob Tam, R. Samuel en Meir, and R. Hayyim Cohen of Paris. Among R. Eliezer’s disciples were some of the greatest German rabbis, such as R. Eliezer ben Joel ha-Levi and R. Eleazar ben Judah of Worms (Roke’ah). He thus served as an intermediary between the centers of study in France and those in Germany. R. Eliezer obtained his livelihood by moneylending, and was in charge of the distribution of charity. His daughters died during his lifetime. Little else is known of him. R. Eliezer’s most important work is his Sefer Yere'im, written between 1171 and 1179, a work on the 613 precepts according to the enumeration of the Halakhot Gedolot. It was abridged by Benjamin ben Abraham Anav, who divided it into 12 Pillars, in which form it was published in Venice in 1566, and in many later editions. R. Eliezer is also an author of tosafot and novellae. Mention is made of his commentary to Berakhot, Shabbat, Zevahim, and Nedarim. R. Hayyim Joseph David Azulai (Hida) was in possession of a manuscript by him on Hullin. Very few of his responsa have been preserved.

Paragraph 2    ... הדברים היוצאים מפי ... ר' יצחק טייב זלה"ה ... על ס' יראים ... [מאת] ר' אליעזר ממיץ [עם הפנים] ... אמרי ... זקני ... אברהם בן ... יוסף טייב ...

בפרט השנה יש לחשב שם הויה במילואו. כן נראה מהקדמת ר' אברהם טייב "החותם פה תונס ... בחדש אב הרחמים משנתי'נו זאת והיה ה' למלך על כל הארץ", בה מספר על ספר חקת הפסח שהדפיס "מזה קרוב לחמש שנים". חקת הפסח נדפס בשנת תרי"ג. הספר הובא לדפוס בשנת תקצ"ו על ידי ר' משה טייב, בנו של המחבר. עם פטירתו נשבתה ההדפסה ונשלמה בשנת תרי"ח על ידי נכד המחבר, אברהם ב"ר יוסף טייב. עד דף סב נדפס בדפוס יהודה שמואל אשכנזי בשנת תקצ"ו. משם ואילך נדפס בדפוס בן אמוזג. ספר יראים על פי ההוצאה הראשונה, ויניציאה שכ"ו, שבעריכת ר' בנימין ב"ר אברהם מן הענוים.

   EJ: JE; Vin Leghorn 1161; Zedner p. 223; CD-EPI 0110447
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