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Title (English)    Paroles Lumineuses (Divrei Yi”r)
Title (Hebrew)    דברי יא'ר
Author    [Only Ed.] Isaac Izak Roller
City    Berlin
Publisher    H. Itzkowski
Publication Date    1881
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [4], 80, xxvii pp., 219:130 mm., light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern half cloth and marbled paper boards.
   Commentary on Genesis and in defense of religion by Isaac Izak Roller. The text is in Hebrew but reading from the left (back) there is a title page in French followed by introductions in French, English, and German. The Hebrew title, Divrei Yi”r, stands for the words of Isaac Izak Roller. It has the subtitle, “The Torah of the Lord is perfect” (Psalms 19:8). The French title page states that it is, Les Paroles Lumineuses sur les Problèmes Difficiles Du Livre de Moïse au point de vue de la Logicue (Luminous Words on the difficulty of the Book of Moses from the point of view of Logic). It informs that Roller is an officer of the Academy and a member of the Asiatic Society. The perspective of the book is succinctly stated in the English preface, which begins, “The principle of the Holy Scriptures, consists in the belief that God, by his sole word, created the world in six days, and that, for the sake of humanity, he consecrated the seventh day to rest. Upon this principle rest the pillars of the religious edifice; to shake this foundation is to destroy the whole fabric. Do not give ear then to men of versatile mind, whose whole efforts have no other object than to deny the history of the creation of the world . . . These men deceive you; they think only of troubling your repose, of alienating you from your God and of using against you the treacherous weapons devoted to your destruction.”

The text, which is in Hebrew in a single column in square letter, is organized by parsha and based upon the Talmud and Midrashim. The commentary is according to peshat, that is, the literal meaning.

Paragraph 2    על תורת ה' ... המאיר נתיב יצחק אייזק (בן ... ר' משלם אליעזר) ראללער, פקיד בית שבת תחכמוני >אפפיציער דער אקאדעמיע< אשר לממשלת צרפת וחבר לחברת דורשי רשומות וחופשי קדמוניות בעיר ... פריס ... חלק [א]

[חלק א]: ספר בראשית. ברלין, דפוס צבי הירש איטצקאווסקי, בשנת כל א'מ'ר'ת' אלוה צרופה [תרמ"א]. [8], ב-פ, XXVIII עמ'. [חלק א]: XXVIII עמ': הקדמות, בגרמנית, באנגלית [חלק א]:ובצרפתית, עם שער מיוחד: Les Paroles Lumineuses sur les problemes [חלק א]:difficiles du livre de Moise, au point de vue de la logique, par [חלק א]:.E. Roller ... La Genese, Tome I [חלק א]: יש טפסים שבהם הוחלף הדף שלאחר השער בדף-הקדשה לר' מתתיהו ב"ר יצחק ראנגער בליווערפוהל.

   BE daled 306; CD-EPI 0167357
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