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Title (English)    Mattenat Yad: Mahar Hodesh
Title (Hebrew)    מחר חדש; מתנת יד
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Daniel ben Moses David Terni
City    Florence
Publisher    Gaet. Cambiagi
Publication Date    1794
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 36; [1], 42, [1] ff., 209:145 mm., wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern boards.
   First edition of two works on charity and on tractate Rosh HaShanah and the new moon by R. Daniel ben Moses David Terni. Terhe is a volume title page and separate title pages for each work as well as independent foliation. The title page of the first book, Mattenat Yad, states that it has the same number of chapters as היד (the hand), fourteen, and is on an important subject, that which is given from hand to han, that is, charity. It is dated with the verse, “and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high” (Psalms 7:18). There is an introduction from the author. The text is in a single column in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words which are in square letters. Mattenat Yad concludes with an index of the contents. The title page of Mahar Hodesh states that it is “from me and from Moses Hayyim Rimini son of the late R. Samuel Rimini. It is on deep interpretations of tractate Rosh HaShanah and on sanctifying the new moon. At the end is criticism of the work Matteh Dan. It is dated, “here shall be deliverance תהיה פליטה (554=1794)” (Joel 3:5, Obadiah 1:17). After the text are tables of the periods of the moon, and then the criticism of Matteh Dan by R. David Nieto (1654–1728), philosopher and haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in London. The volume concludes with errata.

R. Daniel ben Moses David Terni (late 18th–early 19th century), Italian rabbi and poet. Terni came from Ancona, and served as rabbi in Lugo, Pesaro, and Florence. His most important work is Ikkerei ha-Dat (a reference to the initials of his name t"d), an anthology of halakhic rulings found in the works of the posekim and in responsa. It is largely confined to new rulings evolved in the 18th century after the publication of the Leket ha-Kemah of Moses Hagiz and differs from the works which were its predecessors in that Terni also added his own views. The only parts of the work published were on Orah Hayyim (Florence, 1803) and Yoreh De'ah (ibid., 1806). The book has been republished a number of times and was also included in later editions of the Shulhan Arukh. Terni also wrote: Se’udat Mitzvah (Venice, 1791), homilies for the festivals and special occasions; and Shem Olam (Piotrkow, 1929), homilies and novellae on the Torah. He composed Ketav ha-Dat (Leghorn, 1791), psalms and prayers of thanksgiving for the deliverance of the Jews of Florence from attack in June 1790, and was the author of secular poetry, as well as a musical play, Simhat Mitzvah (Florence, 1793), on the occasion of the dedication of the synagogue in Florence.

Paragraph 2    ענינים ... על דבר הניתן מיד ליד ([מאת] דניאל בכמה"ר משה דוד טירני ז"ל עומד ומשמש עם קדש פירינצי) ועמו ספר מחר חדש (ממני ... הצעי' מ'שה ח'יים ר'ימיני בן ... ר' שמואל רימיני זצ"ל); ביאור איזה סוגיות ... על ענין קידוש החדש ותקופות ומולדות ואיזה השגות על קצת דברים שבספר מטה דן [מאת ר' דוד ניטו] ויכוח חמישי ...

דף [2], שער שני: ספר מתנת יד ... יד ענינים ... על דבר הניתן מיד ליד והטלת מלאי לכיסן של ת"ח [צדקה]. נדפס לתשוקת א"ח ... ר' אברהם הי"ו בכמה"ר משה דוד טירני ... 1794. מעבר לשער: הקדמת ... המחבר ... דניאל בכמה"ר משה דוד טירני. [1], מב, [1] דף, עם שער מיוחד: ספר מחר חדש ממני .. הצעי' מ'שה ח'יים ר'ימיני בן ... שמואל רימיני זצ"ל ... סובב ... על ... סוגיות ... במסכת ראש השנה ... 1794. הסכמה: ר' דניאל ב"ר משה דוד טירני, פירינצי, תקנ"ד. בשער הכללי: שנת ה'ח'פ'ץ' ש'ל'ו'ם' לפ"ג [תקנ"ד], 1795. בשער של "מתנת יד": שנת ו'א'ז'מ'ר'ה' ש'ם ה' עליון לפ"ג [תקנ"ד], 1794. בשער של "מחר חדש": בשנת ובהר ציון ת'ה'י'ה' פ'ל'י'ט'ה' לפ"ק [תקנ"ד], 1794. הסכמות (הקדמות): ר' שלמה אריה אברהם ב"ר יהודה חיים גאליקי, מונטי סאווינו, פקודי תקנ"ה; ר' יהודה חיים ב"ר שלמה אריה אברהם גאליקי, סיינא, כא אדר תקנ"ה.

   EJ; Fuenn, Keneset Yisrael, p. 263; JE; Vin Florence 35, 37; CD-EPI 0134642
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