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Title (English)    Tikun lile Motzai R. H. Shevat
Title (Hebrew)    תקון ליל מוצאי ר'ח שבט
Author    [Liturgy - Roman Rite] R. Jacob Joseph Kaevno
City    Leghorn
Publisher    Nahman Sadun
Publication Date    1826
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   64 pp., 140:94 mm., nice crisp margins, light age staining, old hand on title. A very good copy bound in contemporary full leather boards, rubbed.
   Prayers to be recited at the conclusion of Rosh Hodesh Shevat as said in the Roman congregation, particularly in the Havurot Ezra be-Zuros by R. Jacob Joseph ben Gamaliel Kaevno. The title page is dated, “and believed the Lord, and his servant Moses ויאמינו בה' ובמשה עבדו” (Exodus 14:31). The text of the volume is in a single column set in square vocalized letters, excepting instructions which are unvocalized. In addition to the prayers said at the conclusion of Rosh Hodesh Shevat, which is comprised, too a large extent, of Psalms, there is סדר מסירת מודעא based on the Shelah, and Seder Hatarat Nedarim. Tikun lile Motzai R. H. Shevat is an attractive and unusual book of prayers.

The Roman (Italian) rite, also called Minhag ha-Lo’azim, is in use in Rome, in the interior of Italy, in a few communities in Salonika and Constantinople, and also in the Italian synagogue in Jerusalem. Peculiar to this rite are: Le’eila Le’eila in the usual Kaddish; Keter in all Kedushot; different wording to the Amidah; different tahanunim (ve-Hu Rahum is missing); a special piyyutic version of the Arvit for Friday evening (Asher Killah Ma'asav) and its Amidah (U-me-Ahavatkha); kerovot for the Day of Atonement and all the fast days, but not for Rosh Ha-Shanah and other festivals. A number of piyyutim had already been removed from the mahzor before the invention of printing.

Paragraph 2    שאומרים בני ק"ק רומא יע"א, ובפרט בחברת עזרה בצרות, מאיש... ר' יעקב יוסף בן גמליאל קאיבנו זלה"ה.

בפרט יש לחשב שם ה' במילואו. תיקון "לזכר הנס שעשה השי"ת לקהלה... של רומא בשנת התקנ"ג". כולל: מזמורי תהלים, תפילות שונות לזכר האירוע; סדר מסירת מודעא; סדר התרת נדרים ונוסח מסירת מודעא לפי החיד"א,

   EJ; Vin Leghorn 556; CD-EPI 0201572
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