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Title (English)    Ohelei Yehudah
Title (Hebrew)    אהלי יהודה
Author    [The R. Raphael Sarafati & R. Jacob Toledano Copy]
City    Jessnitz
Publisher    Israel b. Abraham
Publication Date    1719
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 4, 2-57 ff., 205:160 mm., light age and damp staining, old hands on title, few scattered minor wormholes. A good copy bound in contemporary half leather and marbled paper boards, rubbed.
   Etymological dictionary of the Hebrew language with emphasis on the word Ohel and names by R. Yehudah Aryeh Loeb ben Zevi Hirsch. The title page has a border comprised of a double row of florets with additional florets used as ornamentation within the borders. The title page is dated with the chronogram “And the Lord shall save the tents of Judah (Ohelei Yehudah) והושע ה' את אהלי יהודה (479=1719)” (Zechariah 12:7). Interestingly, for a book on etymologicaly, the word והושע, appearing twice on the title page, is spelled without the yod, the correct spelling being והושיע. The title page is followed by approbations and the introduction in which R. Yehudah Aryeh Loeb deals with the history of languages in general and also informs as to his intention plan to compose a book on French glosses found in Rashi’s commentary on the Pentateuch. He also refers to two of his other works, Pene Aryeh and Helek Yehudah, both on the Pentateuch. The text is in two columns in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words. Entries are in alphabetical order. Ohelei Yehudah concludes (46a-57b) with words omitted from the text and errata (57b).

R. Judah Aryeh Loeb ben Zevi Hirsch was a French Hebraist who flourished in the beginning of the eighteenth century. He was born in Krotoschin, Germany and lived at Avignon and Carpentras; he is generally called after the latter town. In addition to Oholei Yehudah he was the author of Geza Yehudah (Offenbach, 1732), a short concordance The grammatical essay which preceded the Helek Yehudah was published with a German translation under the title Yesod Leshon ha-Kodesh (Wilmersdorf, 1724).

The printer, Israel ben Abraham, was a proselyte, one who reputedly had previously been a priest, and after his conversion eschewed the sobriquets common among converts such as Avinu or the Ger. Israel ben Abraham converted to Judaism in Amsterdam, where he wrote a Yiddish-Hebrew grammar Mafte’ach Loshen ha-Kodesh (Amsterdam, 1713). After leaving Amsterdam he printed in various locations in Germany, including Koethen, Jessnitz, and Wandsbeck. Israel ben Abraham's printing-press was supported by several court Jews, including Moses Benjamin Wullf, Assur Marx, and Issachar ha-Levi Bermann (Behrend Lehmann) of Halberstadt.

Paragraph 2    ... והוא... טעם וסברא לשמו"ת... בכתבי הקודש... לאחד יקרא שם עולם: כל שם בלתי מתפעל... ולהשני יקרא יד ושם: ועוד מתפעלי' מה בו ירשם: וחבר את האהלי... ר' יהודה אריה יצ"ו... מק"ק קארפינטרץ מדינת פרובינצא. בן... ר' צבי הירש זצלה"ה זסלב' דיינ' רב' מק"ק קראששין[!]...

יש טופס בו נדפסה הסכמת ר' משה ברודא מהמבורג בלבד. עיין: א' אלבוים, שינויים בהסכמות, המעין, לח, גליון א, תשרי תשנ"ח, עמ' 36 הערה 6. הסכמות: ר' משה קצינאלנבוגן, שוואבך, תענית אסתר תע"ח; ר' צבי הירש ב"ר מאיר (אב המחבר), א ואתחנן תע"ב; ר' אברהם יעקב ב"ר צבי (אח המחבר), הורדני.

   Gross, Gallia Judaica, pp. 612-613; Heller, Printing the Talmud: Individual Treatises, p. 75-77; Schmelzer, M. “Hebrew Printing and Publishing in Germany, 1650-1750,” LBIYB XXXIII (London, 1988), pp. 369-383;Vin Jessnitz 1; CD-EPI 0138707
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