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Title (English)    Simlat Binyamin u-Vigdei Kehunnah
Title (Hebrew)    שמלת בנימין וספר בגדי כהונה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Benjamin Zev Wolf ha-Kohen Rapaport
City    Dyhernfurth
Publisher    Jehiel Mechel Mai
Publication Date    1788
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [1], 50 ff., 307:193 mm., usual light age staining, nice margins. A very good copy not bound.
   Novellae on the laws of vows and oaths.

R. Benjamin Zev Wolf b. Isaac ha-Kohen Rapaport (1754–1837), Hungarian rabbi. His father Isaac and his grandfather came from Fuerth in Germany to Nikolsburg, where Benjamin was born. In 1771 Rapoport went, as was the custom with many Moravians, to nearby Hungary in order to evade the ban on Jewish marriages of other than the eldest son in force at the time in Moravia. He settled in Obuda (now part of Budapest) and married the daughter of David Boskovitz, one of the leaders of the community. He lived with his father-in-law for ten years, engaging in studying and teaching. In 1781 he was appointed rabbi of the community of Papa in Hungary, where he served until his death. This community, founded in 1749, made considerable progress during the period of his office. Because of his comparatively liberal attitude, differences between him and the influential rabbis of the time, particularly R. Moses Sofer and R. Mordecai Banet, increased. These two rabbis were opposed to his methods of study and teaching as well as to his halakhic rulings, even attempting to oust him from his rabbinic office. R. Rapoport was opposed to Hasidism and to the study of Kabbalah. A dispute, which exercised Jewish communities in Central Europe for many years, also developed between him and R. Moses Sofer with regard to R. Jonathan Alexandersohn, rabbi of Hejocsaba in Hungary. Like R. Schwerin-Goetz, R. Rapoport supported the attacked R. Alexandersohn, while R. Moses Sofer was opposed to him, even invoking the secular government, but his community supported him.

R. Rapoport published during his lifetime, Simlat Binyamin u-Vigdei Kehunnah (Dyhrenfurth, 1788) on the Shulhan Arukh Yoreh De'ah, but he left a number of works in manuscript, some of which were published after his death, among them Edut le-Yisrael on tractate Makkot with additions by his son (Pressburg, 1839). It constitutes the third part of his Masat Binyamin.

Paragraph 2    על ש"ע י"ד הל' נדרים והל' שבועות. שמלה ראשונה. חברו... אני... בנימין... זאב כ"ץ רפאפורט בלא"אמו... מוה' יצחק אב"ד דק"ק לייפניק זצ"ל נין ונכד להגאון... מוה' ברוך כהנא ראפאפורט זצ"ל ואני שוכן כעת בתוך ... פאפא ואגפיה... דעתי... נוטה לחבר... חמש שמלות ... וזה יצא ראשונה...

דף מח,ב-מט,א: דרוש... מאאמ"ו... ששייך להלכות נדרים. "שמלה שניה" יצאה בשם "נתיבות החכמה". עי' למעלה, . "שמלה שלישית" בשם "עדות לישראל".

הסכמות: ר' יצחק יוסף ב"ר חיים יונה תאומים, ברעסלא, ערב ראש- חודש תמוז תקמ"ח; ר' יוסף גרשון במ"א חרית [!] מב"ש [ב"ר אברהם היות מבורקנשטט] ובית-דינו: ר' דוד עמריך גומפערטץ מווין, ר' משה אברהם ב"ר מאיר אבליש ור' אברהם ליב שפיצר ב"ר בונם שפיץ, ניקלשפורג, לג בעומר [יח אייר] תקמ"ח; ר' בנימן וואלף איגר, לייפניק, מג לספיר' [כח אייר] תקמ"ח.

   Friedberg 1785; Vinograd, Dyhernfurt 270 (both with incorrect pagination); CD-EPI 0168190; EJ
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