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Title (English)    Mahzor le-Yamim Noraim
Title (Hebrew)    מחזור לימים נוראים - כפור ראש השנה
Author    [Liturgy - First Ed.]
City    Bombay
Publisher    Ezekiel Shem Tov David at Hebrew & English Press
Publication Date    1892
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Three volumes. [1], 162; [1], 160; [1], 118 ff., 210:120 mm., usual age staining, hands on several ff. A good set bound in cloth boards.
   Three volume set of mahzorim for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur printed for the Jewish community of Bombay. The title pages of the first volume, for Rosh HaShanah, states that it was printed with large letters according to the rite of the Sephardic Jews with the prayers of the Ari and from the book [Hemdat Yamim] with the glosses of R. Hayyim Modai and at the end bakashot of R. David Pardo and from the work Ozar Nehmad and with Hattorat Nedarim according to the custom of the Hasidim of Jerusalem. There are also prayers from R. Hayyim Joseph David Azulai (Hida). The title page of the second volum, part one for Yom Kippur is similar, except that it has the Mishnayot from tractate Yoma, Keter Malkut from R. Solomon ibn Gabriel and vidui. The third volume, beginning with Mussaf, is for the remainder of Yom Kippur. The text is in a single column in square vocalized Hebrew letters, excepting instructional material which is unvocalized.

The Arabic-speaking Jews in Bombay did not assimilate the language of their neighbors, Marathi, but carried their Judeo-Arabic language and literature with them and continued to regard Baghdad as their spiritual center. They therefore established their own synagogues, the Magen David in 1861 in Byculla, and the Kneseth Elijah in 1888 in the Fort quarter of Bombay. A weekly Judeo-Arabic periodical, Doresh Tov le-Ammo, which mirrored communal life, appeared from 1855 to 1866 Hebrew printing began in Bombay with the arrival of Yemenite Jews in the middle of the 19th century. They took an interest in the religious welfare of the Bene Israel, for whom - as well as for themselves - they printed various liturgies from 1841 onward, some with translations into Marathi, the vernacular of the Bene Israel. Apart from a shortlived attempt to print with movable type, all this printing was by lithography. In 1882, the Press of the Bombay Educational Society was established (followed in 1884 by the Anglo-Jewish and Vernacular Press, in 1887 by the Hebrew and English Press, and in 1900 by the Lebanon Printing Press), which sponsored the publication of over 100 Judeo-Arabic books to meet their liturgical and literary needs, and also printed books for the Bene Israel.

Paragraph 2    ... כמנהג ק"ק ספרדים. עם תפלות מכתבי האר"י [ר' יצחק לוריא] זצוק"ל ומספר ח"י [חמדת ימים], עם הגהות מוהר"ר חיים מודעי זצוק"ל... ובסוף [המחזור ליום כפור] בקשות למוהר"ר דוד פארדו (שפעת רביבים)... ובקשות מספר אוצר נחמד... ואיזה תפלות של הרב חיד"א [חיים יוסף דוד אזולאי]... [2-1].

בשולי השערים: Printed at the Hebrew and english press. [1]: ראש השנה... הוספנו סדר תפלת בית עלמין ותפלה חדשה להגאון חיד"א... לאומרה בעשרת ימי תשובה. [1], קסג דף. [2]: כפור... עם... מסכת יומא ולימוד לאשמורת הבקר וכתר מלכות לר' שלמה ן' גבריאל [גבירול] וכתר מלכות להרדב"ז [ר' דוד זמרא]... ואחרון חביב ודוי הגדול... אשר אסף ולקט ח' נסים אלישע אליהו זכריה הי"ו חזן ק"ק כנסת אליהו, שנהגו לאמרו בעוב"י בגדאד וערי אנדיא... אשר הובא בספרו קול תחנה [בומביי תרמ"ו]. חלק א-ב. חלק א: תפלת מנחה ערבית ושחרית. [1], קס דף. חלק ב: מוסף מנחה ונעילה. [1], קיח דף.

   EJ; Yaari, Ha-Defus ha-Ivri be-Artzot ha-Mizrach II p. 67 no. 70; CD-EPI 0310867
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